Is being rich more Important than being righteous?

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Essay Contest for UPSC Exam for IAS

Being righteous is far more important than being rich. Righteous people are justified by the works of life and increased dilemmas. Today we live in house. Tomorrow we live in society. Yesterday we meditate on social grace affairs. The main area of the government agenda is the “ Eat meat In Government Income. & Eat soup in friends righteousness. “ . Today we cluster on the “ Make in India “ carricature. The coffee table books are containing not eating habits . “ Stay in India , Stay for the world “ is an attribute to find meat with prosperity. There is no valve in being rich .This sentence is said by an advocate to cheat public policy. Cheating public policy is cheating rich. Some professionals find the solution for the status & marriage problem . foreign people are invited to the tourist destinations for the cancellations of the rich people ego . Righteous people are gathered on the platform of state camps in kodaikkanal and ootty .Rich persons are staying in home stays. Then how long the state camp get Income generations. All are collapsed for the righteous people. Hai goodness.

In the coffee table book , I see hormone advertisements. There are written “Genius people are rare , being rich for the common good “ . There are no differences between Hindu & Muslims , in righteous they are nationalism . In humanism they are decoding the life of great men. The best policy for the civilian life is the better far reaching impact on the utility of the rich. The consumption of the rich , is a turning point in history. The Income of the righteous is a history in the community. There is community after history. Yes there is places of right thinking. The best slogan and solution for the corona virus is the “ righteous thing better , poor perish easy “.If the number of righteous people living decreases , corona virus affect immediately .

All the public policy must impact on the alma matter. “ fluara and fauna are the genuine reasons for the magnetism”. We love nature, greatly admire nature ,its plants and trees , and work for the common good . In India Today there is the vocabulary shortage for the “Great English New Generation Dictionary “(GENGD ) . The world needs new vocabulary to denote the freedom & developed India decades. 2020 AD is the starting point of the Indian Diaspora to emerge righteous and rich. “ The Righteous man built his house upon the rock “ is seen in the religion , but in the richness it is seen on the vast sea “ . Anyway we demand the policy for the universities , sidelined for the rich people . There is a community after great flood ,and corona virus. Everything are two sides of the same coin . The age group for the new generation is limited for the 25-40 in rural areas , 18-21 in the urban townships. “Some people are not married , as they do not like the public policy of the national government” .This is the subject for debate .Almost 88% remarked this as true,rest we see in the next debate. In the next debate ,the area of concern was new generational aspirations.This is a new findings and researched matter that is published in the Publishers list . Anyway and Anyway everybody likes others.

I like righteous ,I like rich more , I like the community more and more.

Spiritually speaking ,we all are genius and flourished in the aroma of darkness to lightness , .New political parties are flourishing and emerging in India and in different states , as the righteous are Important than rich.Stay seated for the common good .Stand erect for the public goods. In thanks we demand righteous and gratitude.

-Abraham Johnson Achaniyil

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