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Is humanity enough to handle crisis and serving people in need?

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INTRODUCTION: -The world being has seen crisis in one form or the other since time immemorial. I believe, these crises are the way in which nature or the mother earth proves its magnanimity. Emergence of crisis in this world is also a reminder for the humanity of the fact of its deviation from the right path, as far as, obeying nature is concerned. Therefore, in the light of these facts, it is crystal clear that as humanity being a part of the mother earth and, at the same time, to sustain itself in the world of ours, it, i.e., humanity must maintain its co-relation or coherence with other natural beings. As a natural animal, humanity will sustain crisis as well as usher itself with nature’s varied blessings so long, mankind respects nature as being its slave but, not as its master. All in all, the answer to the question “Is humanity enough to handle crisis and serving people in need?” is quite in the negative.

          In the case of the food chain for the world being, a single missing link in it can make the whole of the food chain a diabolic or an in coherent one, same is the case of crisis and crisis management and as far as its mitigation is concerned. This can be proved by the fact that, the air humanity breathes, the water that it drinks and the food it eats deriving from nature are quite pivotal. Any one of it missing for humanity may be termed as a form of crisis and consequently its dooms day may not be far away. In the long run, it is the humanity itself which must bow before mother earth in order to mitigate all these crises. As is the case with regards to the food chain same is the fact, as far as other crises and its mitigation are concerned.

          The recent Corona virus crisis is a glittering example in this regard. In this impending crisis, humanity seems to lose its way before the virus. There has been a race against time for humanity to contain the virus by inventing a vaccine. Yes, it is true that the scientists of the world have made a little bit of headway in this regard. But at the same time, the magnanimity of the crisis at the present time is in its full swing. Most of the time, at the present time, humanity feels itself helpless before Corona virus as well as in helping those who are in dire need of help.  Hence, without respecting nature as well as having faith on the omnipotent god life for we the humanity is quite futile as far as crisis prevention is concerned in such a scenario.  

          Science and scientific inventions can prove to a large extent as a medium in containing crisis but not at the same time wiping it off from the world of ours. As far as science is concerned, it may be compared with a double-edged sword. If, one side of the sword represents sciences positivity then the other side of it represents its negativity. Yes, it is true that scientific inventions have made life easy for the humanity. At the same time, scientific inventions mis-use or its over-use may certainly boomerang on the humanity. Scientific inventions have aided crisis by dint of using sciences brute powers by mankind of one corner of the world over another and thereby culminating crisis. Eventually, the whole world has thus become anarchic. Thus, science and scientific inventions may be termed as a useful servant but at the same time a bad master. The use of atom bombs on the two cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and its impact on Japan during the Second World War is a glittering example of this fact. It has taken generations to overcome the impact of the two atom bombs as its impact can still be felt by humanity.

          Looking at the whole scenario, it would be wise for humanity to respect nature and rather bow before its supremacy. The world has seen nature’s fury in varied forms like earthquake, floods, epidemic to name a few in this regard. Every example of natural crisis has to teach its own lesson. The lesson is, whenever humanity has deviated from its path as far as respecting nature’s universality and magnanimity crisis has loomed large. Therefore, humanity and human efforts in mitigating natural crisis must be coupled with nature’s will and blessings to contain itself in times of such crisis. This is because nature itself is the creator as well as destroyer of mother earth. Therefore, humanity exists not on its vanity specially as far as regarding its scientific inventions are concerned but, on the contrary, on the supreme will of nature and its natural beings. For humanity therefore nature will reign supreme before its own will.

CONCLUSION: -Therefore, it is high time for humanity, as far as , handling crisis and serving people in need that, instead of happening of crisis and thereby trying to mitigating it, it would be wise for humanity to contain crisis (to the extent possible) by, in every step of his life following the will and dictates of nature. When we will abide by nature and its various phenomenon then, crisis it is expected itself will be largely mitigated. In this regard, let serene mind of humanity prevail over the devilish mind of humanity. Hence, as it is rightly said that, ‘man is the creator of his own destiny’, the same yardstick applies as far as crisis prevention is concerned as well as helping those who are in dire need of help. At the same time, in this endeavour humanity must act according to the dictates of nature and specifically of his natural surroundings.

-Jnandeep Bora

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