Is it important to be a good human being and accommodating or should we be aggressive and achieve success?

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Before starting with the exaggeration of the given topic there is a question going on in my mind and I would like to ponder upon it the question goes like, is it necessary or compulsory to be aggressive for achieving success because I have heard people saying be humble to others, be nice to others also be a little accommodating and then see success following your way. Because being aggressive things get spoil, your terms with others gets disturb, sometimes situation gets worse you left in good terms with nobody and as we all know you can’t walk alone on the path of success you need a team and a teamwork and by being aggressive no team, no teamwork hence no success. Also being accommodating always doesn’t let you anywhere because sometime you need to snatch away the opportunity which might slip away from your hand if you keep being nice and accommodating. By this I am not saying don’t be a good person I just want to say that you should know where to stop being nice.


Now enough of pondering over my point of view now I would love to elaborate the given topic. Life does not go the way we want it to be, unexpected twist and turns and each one of us want to be successful and make our name a brand so for that a person needs to be a bit accommodating and should be hard working enough so that he or she stand out from the crowd. But sometimes being aggressive also brings you success like aggressive to prove people wrong who think you are good for nothing or underestimates you. There should be a hunger for success, a fire in your eye for success which is visible from distance to other people. Sometimes being aggressive towards your work takes you to miles but being aggressive with people does not let you anywhere. I guess till here reader might be confused about what I am trying to say actually the problem is, this topic have two meanings hidden in it and one goes like one should be a good human being and should always listen to others by this we can achieve success or one should be aggressive non-accommodating, should not listen or pay attention to what others are saying and then you can achieve success. The second meaning goes like one should be accommodating with the situation and should be good to other, should be adjusting by being this one can achieve success or by being aggressive towards your work or difficult situation in your life one should hustle or be aggressive towards the downs that life is offering you and by being this you can be successful. According to my sight I can figure out these two meaning from the given topic I might be wrong, it totally depends upon the reader sight how he or she reads and understand this topic.


Anyways, I am supposed to write over the given topic not to write about the meaning of the topic, so as the topic suggest how one can achieve success, I guess any method it can be but our purpose is to achieve success by being on the correct path. One needs to be accommodating with the things also one should be aggressive towards this works no delay of work, assigned work should be completed within time limit. Also while working for your success don’t forget to be kind towards people around you, towards mother earth, nature. Because your good deeds also plays an important role in your journey towards success. Good karma will play its part when needed.

- Vidhiveerbhan