Is Nationality over Economic Growth ?

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Nationality is the national identity of an individual which reveals his citizenship of a country where he is entitled to enjoy all the available rights. As I am born in India with Indian blood and intends to stay in India permanently, that is why till now I am an Indian and enjoy all the available rights guaranteed by constitution.

            Economic growth is caused by economic activities of a nation. Economic activities like manufacturing, trading, transporting, exporting all contribute in economic growth. It is not that only the citizens or residents of a nation take part in economic growth. Without any economic activity, economy can grow due to certain reasons like remittance inflow, grants in aid, investment, line of credit etc.

            It is clear to us that in order to lead a prosperous life we need economic growth. But what if ‘nationality’ and ‘economic growth’ confront with each other? Which one should we give priority? Which one can provide maximum benefit?

            If we can realize ‘nationalism’ in proper way then we will realize that it does not hinder economic growth. ‘Nationalism’ is a feeling of belonging to one nation with a sense of national development which is utterly impossible without economic growth. Without economic growth living standard of people will deteriorate and that will widen the way of radicalization, militant activities, illegal activities, and as a consequence the sense of ‘nationalism’ will evaporate as in the case of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria etc.

Example of Pakistan: The current economic status of Pakistan is a burning example in this case. Being inspired with ‘fake nationalism’, Pakistan has ceased all trade relations with India and is suffering from heavy losses. Just to make Kashmir unstable it fuels militant activities and as a consequence Pakistan itself bleeds from terrorism, sanctions and its inclusion in FATF grey list has just ruined its internal economy. Gradually Pakistan is becoming an economic colony of China. If Pakistan would have maintained trade relations with India, this would not happen.

                It would be wrong to say that ‘nationality’ is over ‘economic growth’ or ‘economic growth’ is over ‘nationality’. Both runs parallel. If there is ‘economic growth’ people would like to reside in that nation. Government would formulate people centric policies and people’s affection towards nation will accelerate the sense of ‘nationalism’. Similarly if one has the feeling of ‘nationalism’, he will engage himself in economic activities for development of his nation. As for example, if one has feelings of ‘nationalism’, he will resist corruption & pay tax that will contribute to economic growth of the nation. ‘Nationalism’ do not teach us to take false pride on every national issue, rather it teaches us to accept reality and to make effort to rectify ourselves to improve our status.

            We, the Indians, are blessed by mother India that we have the proper balance between ‘national identity’ & ‘economic growth’. In whichever corner of the world we may be, we do not feel ashamed to be identified as Indian rather we take pride in this identity.  In every corner of the world Indian diasporas are exploring their talents. Status of India has improved a lot in international platform. As a consequence, economic growth has also been stimulated in India. India has recently witnessed a ‘V’ shaped economic recovery after lockdown. Major multinational companies, developed nations have shown interest to invest in India. In this Diwali people have voluntarily boycotted Chinese products that has caused a loss of Rs. 50000 crores to Chinese economy (CAIT report). This shows that ‘national identity’ i.e. ‘nationalism’ and ‘economic growth’ can run parallel and can accelerate each other.

            In this multipolar world we should come out of ‘fake ethics’, ‘fake morality’, ‘fake nationalism’ rather we should intelligently focus on true approach of these emotions. ‘Nation’ should definitely be first priority but approaches should be diversified. ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’ is a concrete step in this regard. We should remember that national development along with economic growth is the true spirit of ‘nationalism’ or ‘national identity’.


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