Is online education and work from home here to stay?

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The lockdown situation currently prevailing all over the world because of an unexpected deadly guest Coronavirus also know as COVID-19, took a toll on man’s life because of which neither his regular duties cannot be performed like before nor can he stay directly connected to his work and other necessities. Then came the concept of everything going online to rescue.


Online education encourages flexible electronic means of learning that relies on internet for interaction between a tutor and a tutee or a teacher and his/her students. Then comes work from home which involves the interaction between the employer and the employee and having access to work from one’s home itself. It is quite an effective solution for everyone involved in this, ensuring the safety of the public and at the same time encouraging usage of technology in a fruitful manner. This avoids any knowledge gap that can occur if not being able to access education by the students for a long time because of the lockdown, if the situation doesn’t get settled soon though India is putting in its best efforts to flatten the curve. Students also get to learn vivid things from various online courses that may not be available for them in their locality. Work from home is a feasible thing to do that can benefit both the employee and his company, as it does not let any work get piled up which cannot be resolved if not done on time. At the same time the employee gets paid his monthly wages which prevents his financial situation to get unstable. Learning online and working from home is not at all a new concept all over the world, especially after internet became quite affordable and accessible to most of the people. Even in the rural areas internet connectivity has improved over the years granting them all the benefits one living the urban and metropolitan cities enjoy. Almost every working professional and student can benefit from this at their own pace and convenience.


Though consisting many advantages, online mode of learning or working does hold some major disadvantages. In online education, the direct interaction between the teachers and the students is not possible and that can have an impact on some students who grasp better if taught face to face and teachers who cannot teach as effectively as they do teach in their classrooms. Internet connection though nowadays is easily accessed , cannot be a perfect alternative to un interruptive teaching as it is not something completely reliable. Power failures, technical issues etc:- can disturb the learning process of a student and make teaching difficult for the tutor. Some students might not have smartphones or computers at their homes and most importantly, in the remotest areas where there might not even be a facility provided by the school for online education, deters the performance of a student in his academics as he obviously lags behind.

In work from home, there could be a possibility of slow communication and almost no interaction with one’s co-employees which might be detrimental to his work. Risk regarding the security is also a generally debated topic when it comes to working from home, as recently some video calling apps like ZOOM which were usually used by the companies to connect with their employees, have been accused of stealing personal information and misappropriating them. Productivity of the worker might also get reduced to an extent as the environment of an office pushed him to do be more productive which work from home might not allow, be it because of personal distractions or any other trivial reasons.


There is definitely a high chance of work from home getting continued in many parts of the world even after the lockdown, as its pros overweigh the cons. Not only the mentioned reasons but also there are many benefits such as reduced operating costs for the companies, no travel expenses, balance between work and family life, less exhaustive both physically and mentally and it is also indirectly environmental friendly as it reduces pollution along with less usage of automobiles and public transport for daily commute to the offices.

Online education may not replace the traditional way of learning completely but does definitely provide the students with more opportunities to learn something out of their comfort zone because of the easy access to various courses apart from their academics. But at least till the situation gets better for good, online mode of learning is going to play a vital role, if not, a mandatory role in the field of education.


Technology if used in a way which it is supposed to be used, that in the sense in a positive and productive manner by an individual or a group of people, can transform the current conventional methods of things happening to make the best usage of it for everything to go much more smoothly and effectively. We can soon expect the online mode of learning and work getting popular and becoming very pivotal in near future.


-Harshini Manthripragada

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