Is online education and work from home here to stay?

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The Year 2025: exactly five years after a pandemic that shocks the whole world, resulting in changing it completely upside down. The shift of the world economy from retails stores to mobile apps have jumped several folds. Now people like to stay in, enjoy the time more with the family and all this has become what we call A NEW NORMAL.

The NEW NORMAL is to maintain the required social distancing and leverage all the positive benefits technology can offer. In the new normal not only behavior of the have changed but the way people used to work has also changed a lot, making them realize that there are several things which can be done without stepping a single step outside their houses.

There are various task that eventually we as humans found that doesn’t need to go out and to be done. Although these tasks when started were done occasionally, now have seemed to have settled through are daily new normal life. These tasks include education, working from home, shopping, voting, entertainment things, and many more.

The above hypothetical scenario is what we all can assume will be coming in our upcoming future. The future which will require as to make use of the technological advancements and work with those hand in hand.

Online Education is a newly launched method and it’s growing exponentially. It is a method to provide education to students but the use of the various mobile applications or by use of the educational television channels which are directly used by the government.

There are various benefits of online education since nowadays mobile device have become very common and are easily accessible the reach of education have become vast.

In India, there are already various mobile applications present which are providing online education to all types of students. Apart from this, the government of India is also planning to start various education Television channels that will cover the courses of different – different classes, thus reaching the students and there by not stopping the learning process of the students.

However, there are various negative aspects of online education, like the physical activities of the students will become less and thereby might rise various health-related issues. Also, the will also decrease the level of socializing which is an important aspect of a student’s life.

Apart from online education, the other trend that started is work from home. It is basically a method in a company or an organization allow its worker to work from home and provide his/her services.

Considering the pandemic the Indian government has asked the various organization to all its workforce to work from home. Till now this has worked beautifully, there have been various reports that companies are seeing a rise of around 18%-20% in the work efficiency of the employees.

Companies like TCS have also said that they are going to implement around 95% of its employee to work from home by the end of 2025. Since it helps the organization in various economical manner and therefore this culture is growing very rapidly.

This allows companies to hire new talents from any part of the globe with very little investment in terms of setting office and other things, overall reducing the cost to the company of every employee.

Not only the organization but also the employees are getting benefited from this culture. The commute time is saved, there are able to give more amount of time to their families and are also able to do justice to their job all at the same time. Hence benefiting both the employee and the employer.

But here also negative part is there: like the physical activities of people will become very less and people will become less social

The current pandemic has given rise to various new things and in that, the two important things are online education and work from home. Since there are various positive things rising from these two cultures we can definitely see a rise in the use of these two cultures.

-Divyam Vyas

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