Is Success a mind game or sheer hard work?

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Wow…! That person has everything like fame, money, power, abundant wealth, prosperous life etc. we heard this type of common sentence while we see successful & great people. Behind these achievements no one can see their super & painful efforts. Human beings, living in Kalyuga Era where all people have selfish & devilish mind. Success has many secrets. From first breath to last breath person has to face unlimited challenges. In each turn, life always change its syllabus.

                          ‘Great things come from Hard work & preservance.

 No Excuse.’                                                                   - Kobe Bryant

Success, golden door of life. not everyone has capacity to gain success & achievement in life. There are some persons who give their all type of efforts in life to achieve something but unfortunately they die without little achievement. It is hard to impress “success”. Hard work is the not to do hard/tough work merely like work in farm full day, crying for something, labor work in sharp sun light etc. ‘The term hard work’, wide concept & includes one’s summary of whole life. we know write summary on something it is a tough task.

  One can easily write story of any person but summary of that story …………so difficult...!

          Mind game is mandatory to win the race of life. nowadays kids game is disappearing and mind/brain games appearing in every case matter.  one person, ready to swallow another person. but there is a need to play mind game along with hard work to get success.  Mind game means to achieve something for overselves.

               “Success-made up of 98% hard work & 2%mind game”.

       In life, impossible to acquired everything for everyone. Every option is available on the earth. But short cut key/option, not available to gain have to complete whole cycle of hard work.

 E.g. –  India’s new ‘Respected President, Droupadi Murmu’, who is 64-year-old female. Her life had always been challenging & full of obstacles because she is a tribal lady. If one looks on her life journey, can see she lost many beautiful relations during struggle time. She lost her husband & two sons. She said in interview that she struggled with depression after the deaths of her boys. No one can imagine the pain inside her heart. To escape all sorrows, At the age of 64, she achieved president chair. Only she knows how she finished her life journey.

                                  “People won’t see your hard work.

                                     They will only see your success”


      Hard work chews the game of the mind, but mind game has no power to chew the hard work. Many instances of great personalities are there in front of our eyes Nelson Mandela, Malala Yousafzai, Vinayak damodar savarkar, Bhagwat Singh & many more. They had intelligent mind but human mouth in the world will always say that they worked too hard instead of they achieved success through mind game.

             Actually, mind game is hidden inside hard society many persons doing constant hard work madly but last not gained anything. Because along with hard work little mind game should be there.

       E.g.: In Mahabharata war Arjun had put best inputs to win the  

                            battle but lord Krishna gave suggested him how to play mind    

                          game or tricks.

                                Still …in the famous Shloka of Bhagwat Gita

                         “Karmanye vadhikaraste….”. The term ‘KARMA’ has been used instead mind game or DIMAGI Khel.

There is no substitute for hard work. In today’s era so many human beings play mind games to get quick success & they achieved but not long. Achieving success via mind game doesn’t last long.

E.g.   today’s youth in Multinational company; big industries plays dirty mind game with others to get success, position & in the end it will happen that the fellows die for whatever reason (suicide, heart attack, job pressure etc.) at the age of 30-40 years. Quick success through mind game leads to failure & stressful life.

                   Good luck is the result of Hard work not mind game

                 Now it is up to the man what he wants. Long lasting successful happy life through hard work or short & stressful life through mind games…!


                           “Achieve success through mind game,

                                  it is called person earns success.

                             But achieve success through hard work,

                                sacrifice, perseverance & lot of inputs,

                                  it is said that person obtain success.

                                                                                            - Dr Teja Lakshmi

-Mudra Padmashali

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