Is the way we consume our food the reason for increase in diseases like cancer, mental illness and PCOD

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From the very young age we are taught at school as well at home that we must take a balanced diet as it provides nutrients required by the body to function effectively. But as we grow up, with changing lifestyle and consuming of unhealthy food say canned or processed foods, etc. both our physical and mental health get impacted.  It has been observed in children as well in adults that when their food intake is meagre, they tend to perform any activity inefficiently. Besides, a person will not be able to read or write incessantly for hours with an empty stomach. Sometimes, it has also been seen that a hungry person becomes more aggressive. These are a few short term implications of wrong diet. But in long run the way we consume our food also affects our system inviting unwelcoming diseases.

There has emerged a culture in the youth where fast food is receiving paramountcy against wholesome food at home. Going to fancy restaurants and eatery to gobble convenience food has become a way to skiting. People also lack time due to work and opt for processed food or sometimes skip meals eventually leading to health hazards. Let us explicitly expound the implications of the way we take our food on our mental health, PCOD and cancer.

Mental health: Usually we come across such situations when we are in absolute despair and lose appetite. The willingness to eat anything gets ravaged leading to even worse physical and mental health. Few foods are said to have properties which induce good health such as cherry tomatoes, avocadoes, olive oil, etc. A balanced diet not only keeps a person energetic and active but also prevents anxiety or depression.

Cancer: Unhealthy lifestyle has accounted for a huge mass of cancer patients in the world. A wide populace has shifted to overcooked food, preservatives, fried food, red meat, etc. along with untimely meals making them prone to cancer. Excessive intake of sugar often leads to obesity and diabetes which ultimately results in fluctuation in insulin levels thereby making the person susceptible to cancer. Smoking, drinking liquor, chewing tobacco, etc. leads to various kinds of cancer like lung cancer, oral cancer and so on. Intake of processed meat in hot dogs, burgers, etc. and red meat in excessive amounts is said to be the reason behind stomach and pancreatic cancer.

PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease): A lot of young women in the world have been affected by PCOD. PCOD is a hormonal disorder that enlarges the ovaries creating small cysts around them. The exact cause of it is unknown but is known to be caused by pollution, excess insulin, hyperandrogenism, unhealthy lifestyle and so on. PCOD often leads to obesity in many women. Undue consumption of saturated fats present in processed or fried food as well as dairy products such as cheese, butter can increase weight and the person falling prey to PCOD.


From the above statements we can conclude that how our changing food habits may lead to serious health implications. Cancer, anxiety, depression, PCOD, etc to name a few are the gratis gifts of wagering a diet that is not balanced. Though there is a mass of denizen who cannot afford to fulfil its minimum calorie intake but because of government’s initiatives like the POSHAN ABHIYAAN , Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojna, etc. has increased the nutritional value among children, pregnant women and lactating mothers. In order to shield ourselves from life threatening diseases we must follow a healthy lifestyle with proper food that too taken on time. We can take the miniscule initiatives as eating vegetables and fruits rich in omega-3, nuts ,beans, olive oil , tomatoes, etc that reduces the risk of cancer, obesity, and so on. Each meal of the day must contain cereals, pulses, carbohydrates, proteins in sufficient and meticulous quantities. Along with the balanced diet, physical exercise or yoga should also be accompanied in order to stay disease free. This should be the motto of all the citizen of the nation to create a healthy and strong populace.

-Juli Medhi

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