Is The World Prepared To Handle Outbreak And Spread Of Disease Like Corona Virus

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World has been witness of several endemic diseases in past . The endemic of 
any particular disease depends on the life threatening potential , impact on human life ,
And the rate of exchange of virus and microbial action . The disease which passes through air or water  is more   threatening .   These diseases comes under the category of high risk potential and known as communicable   disease , true  example HINI virus or swine flu , Plague ( Spreads through dead rats ) , Bird flu , Corona Virus etc . 

According to world health organization data corona virus  is spreading at uncontrollable motion . It was  first spotted at Saudi Arabia , which is a middle East country . Corona virus is also named as ( MERS ) middle east respiratory system virus which affects respiratory system causing severe cough cold body ache and hair loss and led  to damage the vascular system .  It has now turned out to be a pandemic disease in Wuhan city . Wuhan city is located at china which is famous for cattle and sea food market . It is biggest market of world . 

As per the past experience world is not in state to handle these critical problems. According to world health organization and public health emergency report HINI swine flu had same symptoms like corona  virus . HINI swine flu was uncontrollable  in early 2010. At that time 800 - 1000 people were declared dead in USA . During that period US health department jointly with WHO was not able to control the situation .
Now similar situation has occurred . Corona virus has become more severe and chronic killed around 1000 - 1400 people in china . This data is tentative china government hospital register data .  

There are some key points which is responsible for such type of contagious disease .
First of all the china dictator leadership and their dominance in terms of power . 
So  , developed countries like china , Russia , USA and Japan makes the BIOLOGOICAL WEAPONS  and these type  of research mechanisms led to the origination of these diseases . Other thing comes to  picture is  pharmaceutical  industries .  These companies forms such type influenza virus ,to make profit , and to promote their medicines at higher price .

In order to mitigate with the Corona virus there should be proper awareness and proactive information about viruses , sanitation safety measures , regarding do"s and don't"s through proper channel among the countries . Here the role of world health surveillance authority is important . Second thing the role of biological weapon convention  is crucial . We have seen so far countries like Israel , Saudi Arabia violates the rules and guidelines . There should be strong guideline's by BWC to prohibit the misuse of of biological weapons .

Next is NPPA national pharmaceutical pricing authority should put cap on the big fishes companies . NPPA should make sure that the prices of vaccines should not be raised irregularly . So that monopoly of  companies is terminated . 

Finally I conclude that there should be a proper seize on illegal trading of cattle's between the neighboring countries of china like Taiwan , Malaysia , Singapore and Vietnam .  Here central trading excise board should come ahead and put some  strong law and acts against the local cattle and meat traders of  china illegal shops should be non functioning . There license should be checked on regular basis .
As  health issue is the serious issue we must take hard calls and actions to control these stuffs .

-Abhishek Kumar Rawat

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