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Professional League Tournaments for budding players, boon or curse.

Sports as a career in India is often looked down to, as compared to its more secure and rewarding counterparts such as medicine, engineering, law and many more professional courses. Reasons for this are many, such as no job security, uncertainty in career growth, lack of proper platform and guidance, less income as compared to those who do professional courses. Inspite of all these hurdles there are few who dare to take up sports as a career option and its true but bitter that only a handful amongst these few make it up to the top of their career path.

One of the major reasons why India is lagging behind in sports other than cricket is that these sportsmen don't get proper guidance and platform to showcase their talent. It is only few sports like cricket and hockey that has succeeded to emerge as a sport in which India can bag a position in the international level. What about other sports like football, table tennis, lawn tennis, volleyball, basketball and many more? Agreed that in a highly populated and diversified country like India it is difficult for the government alone to support and encourage sports by creating the necessary infrastructure but the private organisations must also join hands with the government in doing so. Taking the example of BCCI a privately owned organization it has been successful in taking Indian cricket to a new level, moreover by starting the IPL, Indian cricket has managed to garner new and young talents, it has managed to provide a platform for these young cricketers to showcase their talent. This has been a boon for those many young cricketers who earlier did not get any such platforms. One more example is that of football. Earlier before the introduction of ISL (Indian Soccer League) very few would watch Indian football matches as compared to the European football leagues, and ask them to name some Indian footballers very few would be able to name some, but after the ISL started people began to show interest towards Indian football .Many young footballers got a platform to show their talent, which earlier was not available to them. These league matches are a source of entertainment for the viewers and most importantly it is providing recognition to our young footballers who if given more support and resources can one day qualify for the football world cup.

People need entertainment and sports is a very good source of entertainment ,this need is to be commercialized in the form of professional leagues and tournaments where private organizations invest and make profits out of it on the other hand our budding young players get an ocean of opportunities and the viewers get entertainment. It is a win-win situation for all the stakeholders. One thing amongst all that needs to be taken care of while organizing these leagues is ethics. Since there is huge money in these type of leagues, out of need and greed many of our young and talented sportsmen tend to indulge in unethical practices such as match fixing, doping, utmost care must be taken by the regulators to avoid these kind of activities else instead of reaping the positive benefits of commercialization one will end up ruining his/her career and also will create a bad image about these leagues amongst the audience. Which will in turn negatively affect the number of viewers of these leagues.

We live in a country where due to many reasons mentioned above academics is given more preference as compared to sports hence the emergence of Professional league tournaments will not only give a suitable platform to our young sportsmen but will also instill a knack of various diversified sports amongst our citizens. This will further lead to more people taking up these sports as career .Even better ,as compared to earlier days, now people will start to take part in sports actively ,which will further increase their fitness and provide our country with a more healthy and fit workforce which will further help to increase our GDP.

-Ayan Dey

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