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Professional League Tournaments for budding players, boon or curse.

On examining the title certain things can be made vivid .Professional leagues have gained momentum in the recent times that almost every popular sport is forming leagues and gaining the media attention. Popular celebrities being the owners of such franchise and the sponsors whose commercial interest is well satisfied through the popularity.

The events that lead to these changes in the sports community was the poor performance of the Indian men's cricket team in the 2007 world cup. Hence "Indian Cricket League" was formed by cricketing legends to identify a fresh talent to the game. But this initiative, before serving its purpose of creation was suppressed by a commercial banner "Indian Premier League" which opened a cross road.

In a nation like India where cricket is an anthem Professional league for other sports like Indian Badminton League, Indian Soccer League, Hockey India League, and Indian Tennis Premier League are platforms indicating that a change has occurred in its perception and the corresponding players will be mentored for their accomplishments. Having said that, these leagues can be seen as a boon because these have increased the awareness of the game to the nook and corner of the nation. Indigenous games like kabbadi is getting importance and it can be an aspiration for many youngsters that apart from job opportunities the sport might give them an identity in international sporting community for playing a game that they loved.

The other path of the professional league is rather crooked than smooth .The franchise which hold the teams were much aligned to the individual interest and it is at their mercy that the players can play in their team .Due to the issue of sponsors teams like Kerala Tuskers and Pune Warriors have to move out, but again the future of the players contracted by them falls at the mercy of other franchise.

Forms of corruption like betting, match fixing and Cases of molestation has always been in the columns when the leagues commence their new season's .It will prove to be a curse to the game if the player gets entangled in it and vice versa. Any individual in the country has to work hard for achieving the place, in such a scenario how he\she can lose their credibility to corrupt practices. The light shone by such practices through the leagues is deceiving and proves to be a fatal curse on budding players

Little is remembered about the national game of the country and a league was formed only much after cricket had its own. This it can be a curse to the budding players who aspire to represent their national game.

Due to the commercialization of the league celebrity players are sought to promote the individual interest of the sponsors, budding talents are given a chance and not an opportunity to shine. International players are found in extent in these leagues but indigenous talents have gone in shadow. This can be told a curse to the community.

Suppose the formation of league for cricket can be a light at the end of a tunnel but there are many pits in it where the other leagues have to be careful to protect their players and the league itself.

Conflict of interest is familiar term as many legends of the gentleman's game are caught for promoting their personal interests through the game. These incidents always remind that nation's premier institution has to be regulated.

As the popular saying goes "Too many cooks spoil the broth… "Too many leagues can spoil the sportsmanship unless until they continue to promote the lone purpose off their formation "nurturing fresh talents". When institutions like planning commission are questioned for their validity these leagues can also be brought under legislation to ensure the skills are nurtured for the nation's cause rather than private individuals.

-Divyah Shruthi

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