Life is a long journey between human being and being humane

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In the journey of human being from birth to that, of meeting with the ultimate divinity there must be a guiding force. This guiding force is necessary so that, life of an individual does not derail itself from its tranquil path. Or, in other words, there is peace and serenity in this world of ours rather than anarchy and disorder in human life. There are many divine qualities in this world which can act as the guiding mantra in this regard. Among these, being humane or possessing qualities which turns human beings into humane holds supreme.

                     The dividing line between a human being and at the same time, being humane must be guided by a serene and a beautiful mind. It is the serene mind of an individual which can turn a human being into humane. Humane qualities cannot be categorised into water tight compartments. Anything which uplifts a person’s intelligence and his whole persona can be categorised as humane. Thus, a person may be ignorant about the three r’s of life namely, ‘reading, writing and arithmetic’, but at the same time he may be humane in nature. It is in the sense that, an ignorant mind can certainly be a mind possessing the divine qualities of this world.

                       However, what separates an illiterate person from a literate one is the finetuning which literacy provides to an individual’s personality as a whole. In other words, literacy may act as a boon in possessing or garnering the nitty grittiest of humane qualities. Education thus, acts as a funnel between human being and being humane. Therefore, if life is a thirst, then, being humane must be the urge which instigates this thirst of ours. In this way, as water quenches the thirst of an individual so does, humane qualities should be like the much-desired water which satisfies and quenches the thirst of life of we, the human beings.

                   Humane qualities like kindness, forgiveness or any other divine qualities which uplifts an individual’s personality to the optimum may be categorised as being humane. Here at this juncture, we need to ponder what is the meeting point between a human being and he being at the same time possessing humane qualities. The answer in this regard, is the very outlook of we the mankind towards our own life. This outlook must be full of deeds which enriches humane qualities. This should in the long run, must enrich humanity itself. Thus, humane qualities ought to be like a spinning wheel which spins the whole generations of humanity and turn it towards a ray of hope in the times to come. Humane qualities must enrich humanity with especially, fellow feeling, joy and as a source of moral upliftment.

                    This very fact holds key in the journey of human life. If, human life is a topsy-turvy journey then being humane should act as a path illuminator. This path illuminator should act as a source of peace and tranquillity in mankind’s journey of life. When being humane will be the guiding mantra of one and all, in this world then, it will show its repercussions on the beautiful world of ours.  Humane qualities check human beings from the path of unrighteousness to that of the path of righteousness. In this way when everyone of this word will be guided by the path of righteousness in one’s life then peace and amity will certainly be the order of the day in this world of ours. This fact again proves the fact that, ‘life is a long journey between human being and being humane’. 


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