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Essay Contest for UPSC Exam for IAS

life is no doubt a coup of problems and opportunities creating frantic situations and balances the overall capacity to perforate any transient instances which outbreaks the hindered situation into a blasting or everlasting goals performed to duly perform desultory conversation which itself creates a tremendous personalities hailing themselves into a better world. We human beings particularly, are embracing ourselves into a woe like situation which humans who feel tired and not able to win against any unprecedented situation arising always getting sucked up entirely.

We humans are born to help each other, to support or to motivate or to care for nurturing someone as a human nature which is avowed completely into a accentuated solutions better asking to be self-reliant in the blatant situation. the major hapless situation is that to maintain a long stable journey a putative person must mainstay in every event and trying not to misguide someone by drastically empowering a greater stronger attitude guided to achieve peace among human nature. Humans have full leeway to act according to themselves or to enact properly into sophisticated ideas emerging among human ideas. We humans have to avoid not scanting the fully situation and occurring valiant belief and prospects ravenous in nature. The humans should always maintain a ravenous attitude into a fictitious world enhancing concern and caring nature towards a better cooperative side. Humans should always be plucky to courage someone with a mutual perspective of harmonious behavior to always help or attune with every humans so to carry forward your life like account balances which we carry forward so being humane  nature is echelon kind of trait organized by its exigent course availability.

So life itself is creating long distance journey tending to be taciturn sometimes shriving nature of humans devoured feeling up radiates the   harness of good or bad humans distinctive of its self sufficient capacity to support the diatribe between humans to maintain the uniformity among humans tentativeness. The more humans help each other more it will be beneficial for them to understand a happy relationship maintained for life long. The human nature deluge with lots of problems and hardships faced by them but if we solve it peacefully and quietly the nature gets a strong bond of humanity saluted with more spirits and stronger endurance of maintaining ecological behavior. The humans need to augment the relationships to maintain a balanced growth of attracting and influencing good people in life to placate the mysterious problems in life attracting good social status and pride. Life can be so perceived if we understand the importance of relationships and maintain some dignity and respect which will automatically add more fortuitous objects in life which will surfeit the attractiveness of a good human nature. Life can be elaborated very smoothly without any bumps so ‘’maintaining is equivalent to balancing’’.


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