“Life lessons that corona virus taught me”.

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“Life lessons that corona virus taught me”

The year, 2020 has been a nightmarish one due to the impending
COVID-19 situation in the world. As far as, the epidemic of Corona Virus
Disease or, in common parlance COVID-19 is concerned, it has taught the
world being many lessons for the times to come. Whether, we take an
individualistic approach or, a collective approach, as far as, our outlook towards
the epidemic is concerned, one thing is for sure that, each and every individual
of this world has his/her own lesson/lessons to learn from this corona virus.
Here, are few of the lessons that, I have been taught by the Corona Virus
Disease (COVID-19) especially in the year 2020: -
Firstly, I have learnt that, however be the vanity or, the sense of arrogance of
we, the mankind over the divine elements of nature be, yet, it is these divine
elements of nature which reigns supreme over us with the passage of time. We
are just like a bubble playing over water surface before divinity which may
burst anytime. Thus, corona virus has taught me that, there is an unseen element
named divinity which, anyone of us cannot shed it off.
Secondly, corona virus has also taught us that, as far as mankind is concerned, it
must emphasise on, love over hatred, peace over calamity, as well as, probity
over arrogance in their respective lives. This lesson is important in the sense
that, mankind seems to put themselves on the backfoot due to the negative
elements in them and, thereby, has brought about anarchy and chaos among
them. Therefore, it is high time that, we, the mankind shed off the negative
elements of ours and thus, put ourselves on the right track.
Thirdly, corona virus has also taught me that, we need to shed tears on the pains
and agonies as, living in one corner of this world while, those living in the other
corners of this world are in trouble. As a whole, this virus has taught me, to turn
the whole world into a global society or community and, thereby, fight with this
deadly corona virus. All these, puts the onus on the mankind to show solidarity
for the overall upliftment of all of us during this impending crisis looming over
Fourthly, corona virus has taught me to wonder over the role of media in
whatever form or manifestation and, its role in this crisis. It, also taught me that,
media can act in this crisis situation of ours, as a unifying force, as it has done

in the recent past. This whole fact has come to the world being as a ray of hope
for the times to come by acting positively on the part of media in this regard.
Therefore, the recent times has proved that, what science cannot heal during the
impending virus attack can be soothed and healed by media among mankind by
sharing the pains and agonies among them.
Last but not the least, corona virus has taught me to no to be alone, as far as,
our perspective towards this world and worldly affairs are concerned. We, the
present globalised world is thus, turning fast into a small community, as far as,
sharing both our joys as well as, our agonies of we, the world being. In a
nutshell, the fight against corona virus has taught us as a whole, to look at this
world as a microcosm of our deeds, thoughts and expressions as a whole.
All in all, I believe as a world being that, the lessons that corona
virus taught me is just ancillary to the lessons it has taught to the whole world in
general. However, at the same time, the lessons taught by the corona virus may
be looked into and analysed from the viewpoint one takes into one’s life.
Therefore, any discussion on lessons of corona virus teaching an individual like
me remains inconclusive at a global perspective of the matter in hand.
Therefore, it depends on the point of view and outlook of each and every
individual of this world that he/she has towards calamities writ large, on
analysing the life lessons that this virus teaches them. As such, this piece of
writing remains inconclusive on a global forum even if, it may pacify my mind
on the life lessons that corona virus has taught me during the impending crisis


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