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Well Corona virus is now becoming familiar to the people and now we already knew that we have to change our lifestyle to become happy and survive future problems. Corona is now and integrated part of our life, till virus it is lethal and it will be lethal after virus too because if we will not able to change our lifestyle it will be difficult for us.

There are several things I am going to mention here which is realised during covid by us which is as follows –

  1. Too much crowd in one place
  2. Sanitization
  3. Cleanliness
  4. Importance of money
  5. Too much rely on external things

So in explanation I want to say that before Corona virus we are very much rely on external features like using Ola , using trains , creating too much crowd , wasting money on non valuable things , not properly cleaning there surroundings , and last but not least importance of humanity .

During Corona virus we get to know that life is not more same, we have to be conscious about each and every activity of day to day life. There are so many points which we have to consider in our life are as follows –

  1. Wearing mask
  2. Sanitization
  3. Less crowd
  4. Avoid outside food
  5. Concentration on immunity
  6. Physical fitness 

After Corona virus we must apply some rules in our life that is PIS .Full form of FIS is PHYSICAL FITNESS, IMMUNITY, and SANITIZATION. These three points has to be inserted in our life and if you love your life and family then this must be implemented as early as possible.

After Corona to maintain our body fit we have to start daily running exercise and ear healthy food like fruits, sprouts, green tea, boil water etc. In that manner we can generate antibodies to fight with any virus.

Second the basics of cleanliness should improve and it should start from our house itself. Cleanliness, sanitization is now become integrated part of life and nobody can deny this. We have to avoid unnecessary spreading of dirty particles, properly usage of dustbins and using mask and gloves during every activity.

Third, immunity boosters for our body on daily purpose like turmeric with milk, eating lemon with hot water and every single thing which improve our immunity is to be part of our food and avoiding junk food is the panacea for our body to build antibodies.

Conclusion of this topic is very difficult but I have to conclude this topic because this topic is another world in itself. After Corona virus we learnt so many things to teach next generation and to teach ourselves too that we are following few wrong measures in life and improvement is must. Improvement in some areas like food, physical, cleanliness is our necessity and we have to improve this as early as possible, nobody can deny this and usage of mask and gloves can be handy in avoiding any virus.

   ‘Corona is a lesson, Corona is a virus, and Corona is a teacher for the whole world.’


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