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Maritime terror a major threat to India than land security - Discuss

Terrorism is a hydra-headed monster discharging a catastrophe of devastation and misery in every nook and corner of the globe. This ruthless scourge is shortly becoming more indiscriminative and daring to ignite massacre and achieve its targets. The fresh mechanism of maritime terrorism is a trailer of the new age man’s smart management ability to destroy a society.

The 26/11 Mumbai attack is a horrific reminder of this brutality. The Lashkar-e-Taiba’s successful entry through the Arabian Ocean despite the presence of security officials is a new bomb blast which is realized only after its explosion. This one entry was a gateway to launch a series of attacks in Leopold Café, Chatrapati Shivaji terminus, hotel Taj, Oberoi Trident, Cama Hospital and Nariman House. The attack proves that terrorism has many ways and land security is not enough. This is because the terrorists plan to regularize their attacks in many unexpected ways and leave the nation hapless. Moreover, before 26/11 attacks, Indian Security was strongest near major land marks than the coastal area. India has a huge maritime border which shares with Myanmar, Thailand and Indonesia. This enables the terrorists to first secretly monitor the country by sending fishermen and secret agents to organize their terror plots through multiple gateways. The absence of deep and wide security agency and a strong tracking device quite far away from the Indian coasts and lack of a proper physical boundary in the waters makes the work of terrorists easier. Therefore, it is pertinent to have a wide range of maritime security and prevent the entry of the terrorists. There is vulnerability of attacks in maritime region because the terrorist organizations have already plotted and attempted several ways to attack through land and now the coastal way is a new major path to try out attacks.

Recently, to secure the Indian coastline, a strong surveillance along the coasts, a chain of radars and Automatic Identification System (AIS) receivers have been created. More funds are invested to tighten the security of the Indian coasts.

So far as land security is concerned, India’s lands are better protected since independence as all states are more vigilant near their landmarks. Furthermore the gory attacks in the past have made the country more defensive for land security. Every airport and railway station has a tight security checking and CCTV cameras monitoring them. Another point to note is that defense in case of any attack is easier to be managed as the terrorists’ path can be tracked and blocked than in the wide waters. As of now, more land security arrangements have been set up.

In a nutshell, a holistic attempt to protect the maritime area has already been in work and synergy of the efforts by security officials, government as well as we the citizens can vaccine our country against terrorism and help other countries too to fight it. Education of the masses for unity amidst diversity can work like the Midas touch to spread brotherhood and peace.


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