Mental And Physical Strength How Important Is It For Success

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Strength in relation to our body is the ability to withstand physical and psychological barrier which arises during our work.Strength comprises of both mental and physical well-being. The success, failures and sufferings of and individual completely depends upon the state of his/her mind and body.An individual can at any point of time be in a good mental state with a bad physical state or vice-versa.It may vary with the circumstances which have occured in the  life of an individual.The mental strength completely depends on the society in which the individual has his/her upbringing especially his/her family, the teachings which they got in the family and in school, the friends with whom they played, the books they read, the T.V. programme they watched, the interests which they have developed etc. Whereas the physical strength is a bit hereditary, the disease history of the family, the food they eat, the routine they follow, the vaccinations in the childhood, the outdoor games they play, the energy drinks they drink and most importantly the care they got in the childhood from their parents.

There is a deep relation betweeen mental and physical strength. If we have a positive frame of mind and we see everything as a blessing and full of energy, then feel good harmones are released in our body and they have a very good impact over our mind but if we are always in stress and having a wrong or negative perspective of life then stress harmone cartisol is released in our body which leads to stress, depression and anxiety. Many a times we have a very good mental strength but due to our bad physical strength we go into stress which eventually degrades both our mental and physical strength.It creates a blockade to our road to success. We can also say that mental strength is directly proportional to physical strength. If we read good books, take a good sleep, follow a good routine, eat healthy foods, do healthy exercises and have a healthy atmosphere around ourselves, we can easily cope up with our day to day and occassionally occuring problems.

However, we can say that to be a successful person in life and to live that successful life we must possess a good mental and physical strength.This doesnot only require an individual effort but a collective effort. The children should get to know about the status of having a good physical and mental status in schools as well as in family.The parents should keep an eye on the age related developments in the body of their child and should regularly counsel them.The parents should make their child aware about the diseases or the bad habits acquired by the teenagers in adolescense. The government should also take part in the upbringing of their citizens. They should make the families, young generation, senior citizens aware about the programmes or schemes which the government is running for the well-being of their citizens.The vaccination drives , the family welfare programmes, the medicines they launched for anti-smoking etc. At last, it is a child , a yoiung boy/girl, a middle-aged man and a senior citizen with a good physical and mental strength constitutes our society and the success of a nation is completely dependent on the success of it's society.

-Aditya Kumar Rai

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