Mindful manifesto is the catalyst to a tranquil self

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Nowadays, mental health issues are growing problems in our society. Many people experience a disruption in achieving ideal conditions in which they can live physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially healthy, but can also appreciate the potential that makes them achieve tranquility. Tranquility is a delicate feeling that is descended upon those who have a manifesto that is more advanced and has solutions for every problem that humans and the world is facing nowadays. Surely the manifesto acts as a catalyst to tranquility. The definition of tranquility itself is an example for this. Tranquility points to spirit and power hence it gives hope to those who are frightened and consoles those who are distressed. Indeed, tranquility is a gain and forsaking it is a loss. If we go deeper, we can find that in fact a mindful manifesto is not just a catalyst but a key to tranquility. Analyzing the history since the existence of humans, it’s found that those who show too much pride and arrogance lack a mindful manifesto and those who adhere to their manifesto have the characteristic of tranquility and dignity. Giving up pride and arrogance for the sake of a manifesto that offers inner peace will ensure that one will be on his way to achieve tranquility. Upon analyzing a scenario, for those who have a manifesto of inner peace to adhere to, no situation is hopeless, and it is quoted that “There is ease after every hardship”. The worldly mortal life is nothing, but a test to know what we can achieve hereafter. No sadness or no happiness is permanent. Of course, every situation will change. Our innate worries, the hardships that we endure, the grief that we go through are all part of the test in this mortal world. Those who hold such a manifesto clearly know they’re not alone and sufficient for them is that feeling to tranquil self. In the case of love of the world, the cure by which is driven from the heart itself knows that nothing in this world is permanent. In proportion to one's degree of certainty and tranquility, the love of the mortal world will leave one's heart. Contentment is the source of tranquility for those who hold the manifesto. A scholar from the medieval period once said “A calamity that makes you turn to find tranquility and inner peace is better than the blessing which makes you far away from tranquil self”. The idea of complete happiness without any ups and downs in life is clearly a part of utilitarian thinking in a sense. The reason is as we're humans we cannot actually achieve it without making someone lose their happiness. Acquiring knowledge about the self is also a key to tranquil self. The tranquility is all about finding happiness even in stressful situations. Obviously as we are human beings it’s very okay to be sad, but what matters is how we overcome it. It’s all about hope. Only a mindful manifesto can provide it. As a normal human being, we are vulnerable to afflictions, but the tranquil self is all that we need to cure all those things. For an adherent of a manifesto that clearly emphasizes tranquility, it’s his manifesto that will help him to overcome afflictions and for a non adherent it may become difficult. A report on a scholar of medieval ages who adhered to his manifesto, there’s an interesting incident of him being afflicted by many things, he then told to one of his student ‘And so when the situation become most severe against me I said to my relatives and those around me, ‘Recite the Verses of Tranquillity from my manifesto,’ and thus did that state cease and I sat up having no ailment.’ and it’s reported from the student that “and I saw them to have a tremendous effect in bringing it tranquillity and repose.” This is infact a great example of a mindful manifesto that deals with everything in life can be a catalyst to tranquil self.

Therefore innate peace that leads to tranquility can only be achieved by a manifesto that advises and leads its adherents to be hopeful, regardless of the situation.

-Muhammad Fasal M B T

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