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Mankind evolves them with time to achieve the climax of development in form of modern facilities to everyone and to assure a better life in all the possible aspects for living beings. To make all above possible, they tried all the way to act as an agent of development without having a concern of a word "environment", which is also an essential part for the overall development of mankind. Though, human race is only trying for the goals set by them only, then nature or environment itself regulate the phenomena to balance the over-burden of human over environment. These phenomena's are seen in form of natural disasters in present world and the frequency of occurrence is enough to prove the intensity of dis-balance at the level of human-nature presence.

These calamities are having worst possible effects over the civilization in all possible aspects of life. They are not having any control over life cycle; governments are feeling helpless at the time of disaster and the worst is the destruction of infrastructure, which creates socio economic disturbances for individual to organizational level.

As a country in India and its government are developed a mechanism to prevent and mitigate the effects of nature's revenge towards humanity. We have followed a system to connect from base to top level of management to enhance decision making and flow of information towards affected areas for better administration of the affected areas. On paper, we have an ideal form of rescue structure in form of national disaster management act and organization, national disaster management force and many other governmental and non-government organizational to make the work possible before and afterwards of the affect.

Now, question arises that why we are lacking in the management of disasters with having an ideal mechanism to mitigate the effects of disasters. To the answer of above question one thing came to everybody's mind is the implementation of policies in the way these are defined. Assume the situation of a small disturbance in the system creates huge complications in the same system with-out having the knowledge of remedy defined for the problem at the management level. Then, management applies the situation based remedies as a solution and this will leads to in effective policy implications get rooted in system and followed simultaneously on the place of defined ways. Same thing is happening with our disaster management policies. As a democratic government we have to ensure the welfare of people as a primary aim. Same is follows in the calamity situations by announcing rescue funds to help casualties and other affected people. This is a temporary solution for the management of disasters. But it works in many ways to gain the sympathy of voters not in the preventive measures for the problem.

Till now, we have discussed some form of policy implementation for the problem but we are lacking any how from that much. So we have to make some changes as the solution of the problem. Solutions are generally lying together with the problem as we heard this from generations. It's also true in the disaster management. We have a common perception as "prevention is better than cure" for any problems faces by us. Same way, we have to apply preventive measures in form of research and development for the affected areas, development of preventive social and physical infrastructure, state of art equipped administration and most important aware common people. All is possible easily with the help of funds and organizing operation for the same. These funds directed through administrative agencies rather than providing as relief funds for affected people directly. Rescue funds should be the part of rescue operations to ensure the better results from a best possible policy for disaster management presents in our country.

Ramniwas Devaji

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