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Recently, our nation faced a cyclonic storm and heavy downpour at the cost of Andhra Pradesh and Orissa. This Hud-Hud caused a heavy destruction even airport was washed away. This was not the first time our nation has felt such a devastating natural disaster but had felt earlier in the form of cyclone, flood in Jammu and Kashmir, cloud burst in Uttrakhand, earthquake in Gujarat, droughts, landslides and some created by human's evil desire. If, however we compare the effect of Hud-Hud in terms of loss to the money, man and assets it is less than that of similar disaster took place earlier as the immediate action by the administration averted the mass destruction. Evacuation process could save a lot of damage.

When the nature shows its undesirable face, and causes a huge devastation and damage, the relief fund released by the state and central govt. gives a sympathetic support to the victims. But this is the time based relief and not the long lasting solution of the recurring problem. In this wake, it is necessary for our nation to enhance our relief operations as it is geographically more vulnerable to such natural disasters. Though our nation has natural disaster response force, Indian metrological department, NGOs and even defence forces to help out during the odd days, yet we are not able to show coordination to chalk out the road map of relief operations.

Our relief operation forces needs to be improvised. A special training for specific type of disaster is needed rather than a common training pattern. There training syllabus and activities should include action required as per geographical condition and type of disaster like earthquake, cyclone or cloud burst. Our NDRF team should take part in the mock drill with the disaster relief team of developed nations. As we may find many countries are more vulnerable to natural disaster like Japan, US, Philippines, Vietnam etc. These nations have high technological approach for those unforeseen situations. Our govt. should not only talk on economic and strategic matters to these nations but also show some concern on these unwarranted situations. Information transmission system, vehicles, required evacuation equipments should be of latest technology. There is need of latest early warning and communication system.

Our nation has initiated the process of forecasting the weather report as early as possible with the help of our latest launched satellites i.e. IRNSS-1A, 1B and 1C. ISRO has planned to set up a combination of seven satellites to cover our geographical boundaries beyond 1500 km; it would be a milestone step in this regard. The result however would depend on the co-ordination among various emergency handling agencies.

There is need of acute political involvement on this matter as the onus of security of national human resource goes to all of us. There must be a synchronized effort by state as well as centre govt. to mitigate the risk of natural disaster. Merely promising in election will not work out. Nor do the plans discussed in fully AC room, as our hon. CM of J&K said that this type of flood situation had not taken place for 100 years hence we could not estimate the amount of devastation. The most affected people from these disasters are marginalized people, so there life becomes bad to worse. The administration and govt should be fully ready to evacuate the people along with rehabilitation. National disaster management authority works a lot to mitigate these risks. Institution from abroad like World Bank also supports us to overcome these situations. Administration however should persuade those victims to evacuate the place as early as possible.

At the last in nut shell I would like to conclude with this that "PRVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE". Relief funds and compensation are immediate requirements to the victims to meet there day to day requirements. Government and concerned authority should carry out the research and analysis to find out the reason behind disaster and should learn a lesson for future. R&D department should not leave any stone unturned in understanding the action taken during emergency and its real affects, and should be discussed for further course of action.

Vinod Kumar Singh

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