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Necessity of censorship in the age of internet- Comment

Necessity of censorship in the age of internet- Comment

Censorship is defined as the suppression or prohibition of any parts of books, films, news etc. that are considered obscene, politically unacceptable or a threat to security. But the present day technology "Internet" is definitely carving a niche out for it as far as censorship is concerned. We all live in an era where technology reigns supreme and Internet is the king of that supremacy. It's rising globalism and wide gaining popularity proves its facets in the world of Technology.

In the age of Internet we cannot pay hide and seek with any information or media content. As it provides one with immense scopes to haunt for one's own desires.Censorship in the age of Internet violates one's freedom of expression and thought. One can stop the expression of views on the Internet but doing this are we justifying the importance of Internet which is supposed to be free and open to all.

But the thing that is taking the form of heated argument is the Internet's matter content or its information accessibility which in other terms might be called "Censorship". Internet is such an advent of Technology similar to an open book where information has its network without any boundary, In such a vast sea of information it is very difficult to manage 'Censorship' which means to keep a check on the contents of the various sites to check what information is being displayed on the networking sites how it is affecting the youth, what is necessary and what is not which in total is a time consuming process but what haunts one more is the fact that who is going to keep an eye on the entire process.

The answer might be a person, a group or more aptly a committee but will the decisions be acceptable because arguments or debates are nothing rather creates conflicts among the people which indicates that people are never of the same opinion, different people have different views, different mind-set and different ways and means of analysing a particular situation, that is why the universe is not of likeminded people but people of different likes.

Thus what should be censored or what should not be censored is totally people's choice and is very difficult to decide. Moreover we cannot deny the rights of an individual freedom of speech and expression.

There are certain things in life which requires proper age to understand to know or to learn and censorship is necessary to cover up those issues for certain age group but Internet is such a vast sea that the age is no longer a matter of concern in that sea just like a tiny pebble if thrown into the sea remains unnoticed of its fall same is the case with the age factor.

Studies indicate that merely 10% of the people use it in negative sense but what about the rest 90% of the people, why should they suffer for other's deeds. It is very easy to make a halt to one's views but the halt is not only made in sight but the halt is made in one's mind as well.

On one hand we speak of progression, globalization and broad minded views and on the other we speak about Censorship. It is not at all justified.

No one has forced us to see censored contents news or events or videos. It completely stands out of one's own wish and as far as ideologies of safe environment for children are concerned then people must know what are the pros and cons of the safe environment. Children must be made aware of both positive and Negative sides of that safe environment.

Digital Media is our toy the way we play with it the same result we are expected to get from it. Thus I personally feel that Censorship in the age of Internet is not at all necessary.

- Satarupa Mukherjee

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