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Necessity of censorship in the age of internet- Comment

Necessity of censorship in the age of internet- Comment

With the introduction of Internet during the late 1990s the world stepped into a new era of information and technology. These days we have the technology to get any information within a second. With the advent of smartphones the world of Internet goes with us wherever we go and is at our disposal any moment. Internet is a world of information limitless & boundary less which goes on increasing every second. Survival without Internet is unimaginable. It will be a world of chaos without Internet. If we look at the brighter side Internet can give us some much needed information within seconds. But on the darker side people are susceptible to unnecessary and hazardous information and content which is detrimental to the society. To fix this issue many countries around the world have come up with the idea of censorship.

Advantages of censorship

  1. Checks cyber crimes

    These days there are unlimited cases of online scams,hacks and other forms of cybercrimes.Various hackers all over the world hack the bank accounts of people who know nothing about the unknown transactions and sue the owner of the bank. These types of cybercrimes can be checked with the help of censorship. Because it allows to control the amount of malicious sites available on the Internet which in turn restricts accessibility of these sites . As a result of which people's accounts and information are protected.
  2. Reduces exposure to pornographic content

    Youth of a nation is the only hope any nation's future. Any country's future can be predicted based on the quality of the young individuals residing in the country. These days children take help of the Internet at a very young age as a result of which they are susceptible to the darker side of Internet. Exposure to pornographic contents pave the way for a darker future of the child. Which in the long run harms the society. At the time of puberty children require constant attention of their parents. But unfortunately some children tend to focus on the pornographic sites which is detrimental to their thoughts. In some extreme cases they commit juvenile crimes like rape, blackmail, etc. Most unfortunate fact is that all of these happens without the knowledge of the parents and when it comes to their attention, very often it's too late. Censorship helps blocking these sites so that it is safe for children to surf the Internet for study or for entertainment.
  3. Reduces exposure of graphic content

    Some of the terrorists groups like ISIS, BOKO HARAM, etc. post many videos to promote their ideology and religion. These videos contain graphic contents which one way or the other deteriorates the thought of any individual either in fear or anger. These videos are responsible for many social evils all over the globe. People see these abhorrent videos as a source of inspiration and then it's a matter of months when they join these terror groups. Censorship puts a notice to shun these websites. It's not about safety here its about necessity.


With all being said, it is necessary to impose censorship in a lawful and thorough manner. Some people all over the globe have reacted to censorship in a different manner. According to some people truth should not be hidden once we reach 18+. Many sites now do a check if you are 18+ but whoever wants to get something from that site just lies about the age and gets whatever he/she wishes. So everything has its limits and that includes censorship. Censorship cannot stop all the misfortunate events occurring around the world, but together we can. It is just a step in the right direction.

- G Saugat

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