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Prospects of non BJP, non Congress parties alliance in 2014 General election

The non-BJP, Non-Congress parties alliance in India, commonly refers to as 'Third Front' claims to form the government consequent to the 16th Lok-Sabha election going to be held in April, May-2014.

The so called third front actually originated in 1988-89 under the name 'National Front' led by Janata Dal and formed the government under the leadership of V.P. Singh for the period 1989-91, but couldn't complete five year tenure.

Similarly, after 1996 general election, United Front consisting of 13 parties i.e SP, Janata Dal, four Left parties, DMK etc formed the government under the leadership of two Prime Minister's namely H.D. Deve Gowda of Janta Dal and I.K Gujral with external support from Congress during the period from 1996-98. However, that government too couldn't complete five year tenure.

So going by the history of the third front, we can say that it was not able to provide stable government.

In the upcoming General election, 2014, some noises are again heard regarding formation of third front. Some 10-11 partie. have formed a pre-poll alliance along with the left parties and call themselves third front and are keen to stay away both from the Congress and the BJP.

In wake of strong anti-incumbency against Congress led UPA, as evident from the results of recently held State Assembly election in five states; this alliance is expecting their chance to make their presence felt in the national politics.

However, the expectation of the said alliance may not be fulfilled. There seems to be a great chance for BJP led NDA to come to power. This is evident from the state assembly results and the turnout at the NDA Prime Ministerial candidate Narendar Modi's rallies in all parts of the country.

When we deeply analyze the prospects of this so called Third Front in general election 2014, it seems their claim is bit hallow. The third front will have no major impact and may prove to be under-performer in the in the upcoming election. The reasons for this is as follows:-

All these parties have their effect restricted to one or two states and none have outside their region.

All these party's has their own Prime Minister Candidate and some of them have already indicated the same.

It seems that all these party's leaders have their personal ambition to become next PM which is harming their prospects.

These parties have no belief in each other as all had been a part of either UPA or NDA in the recent past and may end up doing the same thing again after 2014 elections.

All these parties have their regional interests first and have no common agenda for development of India that can attract the votes from all parts of the country.

History also reveals that Third front has no successful track record in providing stable government to the county.

Recent General Election results have also shown that third front's seats are decreasing in some states.

In view of the above reasons, the people of India may not support this alliance. Supporting them will result in unstable, non-directional, multi-leader type of government. Therefore, people of India have little hope from the Third front.

Harpreet Arora