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Prospects of non BJP, non Congress parties alliance in 2014 General election

The 16th Lok Sabha election will commence on 7th of April and will end on 12th May 2014, to elect its members. oting will take place on all the 543 Parliamentary constituencies of India. This election will determine which party will come to power and which will form the opposition at the Centre.

If Narendra Modi led NDA fails to reach 200 mark, and the Congress manages to win more than 125 seats, the possibility of a third front coming to power may brighten.

Just to keep the BJP away from power, the congress may back a third front government at the Centre. So, there is a good prospect of Non-Congress and Non-BJP alliance that is the third front to come to power.

If we look at the current political scene, the probability of the Congress led UPA government coming to power seems quite bleak. The government has failed to control corruption, the national economy has slowed down, value of the rupee against Dollar is decreasing. The government has failed to create the required job opportunities, various schemes like MNREGA, Indira Awas yogna are not properly implemented, terrorist activities have significantly increased, and the Naxalites have gone beyond control.

The UPA government has failed to check the scams even one after another scams came into picture and involvement of its top leaders was revealed. All over the country and there is a feeling of huff and resentment against the UPA II government.

The second biggest party in India is the BJP. There is a wind of Narendra Modi as the Prime Ministerial candidate is blowing all over the country. But Narendra Modi suffers from indictment in 2002 Gujarat riots. The other parties are also using this issue as a tool to defame Modi. The non-secular propaganda of the BJP and its propensity towards Hinduism has resulted in loss of faith of the Muslim community with this party.

So going through merits and demerits of both the parties it is clear that none of them are going to achieve the magic number 272.

This gives a chance to other parties to join their hands, and contest election and come to power. In the current scenario, non- congress and non-BJP parties are in power in 9 states. Together they have more than 220 MPs in the Lok Sabha.

Many renowned parties like AIADMK, CPI (M), SP, JDU have already join their hands to contest the Lok Sabha election as a single unit.

While discussing about other parties it is quite important to mention the newly emerged Aam Admi Party. The win of AAP in Delhi assembly election was a result of dissatisfaction among the common people for the Congress government. The government lasted only for 49 days but the steps taken by it to keep up its promises were appreciated.

So in such situation the possibility of a third front coming to power is very bright, provided BJP is not in a position to form the government and the Congress has three digit figures.

Suman Kumar