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Prospects of non BJP, non Congress parties alliance in 2014 General election

With 2014 General election round the corner, all the political parties of the country are gearing up for the polls. In such a scenario the buzz word for each party alliance is the magical number of 272+ i.e., the number of seats required to form a stable government in the total tally of 543 seats in the Lok Sabha.

At present, three coalition partners that are emerging in pre-poll scenario are the BJP led NDA alliance, the Congress led UPA alliance and the third front coalition, a conglomeration of regional parties and the Marxist parties.

The type of political climate that is emerging in the country, the NDA-led alliance seems to be the front runner. On the other hand, the old warhorse, the Indian National Congress, is also gearing up to form UPA-3. In comparison to the BJP and Congress alliance, the third front is a coalition of various regional parties and splinter groups and have no all India presence.

The BJP and the Congress led alliance are much more unified and are centered around a particular leader whereas third front is a divided house trying to get united. There are many power centers in third front like S.P. led Muluyam Singhji, BSP leader Mayawati, Trinamool Congress leader Mamata Banerjee to name a few. In this house there are many power mongers with much indiscipline among its constituents.

In this way the multi-personality led multi-party third front represents the regional aspirations of the various regional parties. This coalition is suffering from an all Indian identity crisis. So it can be said that the third front is a very fragile alliance.

Coming specifically to the communist parties they have made their presence felt mainly in Tripura, Kerela and West Bengal. However, except for Tripura it is nowhere in power. The Left Parties can garner some seats in West Bengal and Kerala but it will not be enough to form the third-largest party after the BJP and the Congress.

Therefore it may be said that the Third front is only going to be a post-poll alliance idea in case if BJP and Congress led alliances fail to win majority seats. This is because this alliance has a very bleak chance of crossing 272+ seats thus depending for support either from the BJP or the Congress. This coalition thus may have the same fate like that of Chandrashekar or Indra Kumar Gujral led Third Front.

The third front coalition is going to be an unstable government and would be like a puppet in the hands of BJP or Congress parties. It will be a very unpredictable government and instability may be the order of the day if it comes to power in the 2014 General election.

Jnandeep Bora