Online schooling, can it be the future of education?

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Online schooling, can it be the future of education.

As education is one of the most important key to open the ways of prosperous life and achieve ones goal. It helps us to build our own opinion and have own point of views on different things in life. It makes us a good and respected person and a good citizen. Not only this it also helps us to contribute our effort in the development of our economy and nation as well.

Education in ancient India

In ancient time education was not to get the marks or only achieve any goal in life. It was based on the idea to develop ones moral, intellectual and physical qualities, so that one can become an organic member of family and society. Physical education was very important in that days in comparison to mental education. children were sent to their gurus. They used to stay there for a long time and comes after completing their education.

Education in 19th and starting of 20th century

Here there was a change in education sector. Children use to go to their schools, get the knowledge and come back to their home. They had to do their homeworks. Parents used to help them in their studies.

Here also physical education was important. Schools and colleges organises sports and other programs for students, as physical fitness makes a student mentally fit and active in their works.

Education in second decade of 20th century

Here, there is a huge reform in education system. Though, it is same as in the beginning of 20 century, but it  started depending mostly in digital classes. Even the children are in their schools ,they used to study in digital boards. Here, also physical education important. Schools used to teach yogas and organises sports activities time to time which makes students energetic and enthusiastic in their works .

But in 2020 due to covid-19 outbreak. The life of students, parents and teachers have been upended. Their normal education is disturbed.

The curriculum of school has been changed. Now, children have one option, ' study with their mobile phones or computers'.

They are only getting mental education that also not complete as all children do not have proper mobile phones or computers. Though, technology has helped a lot, made education flexible and accessible from anywhere in the world, it has given power to utilise time in the lockdown. But due to lack of communication with friends and teachers the adaptability, empathy, creativity and emotional intelligence of children have been decreasing. So, they are legging behind in the run of education. Physical education has become null. Even children cannot play with the friends in their societies. They all have to stay in their homes.

Without physical education mental education is nothing. Active body can only create active mind but we are helpless. we have to proceed with online education until and unless we don't have any vaccine. Till than parents have to keep their children busy in activities so that they can be creative during this concerning situation too.

Perhaps we cannot go back to pre-pendemic ways of living so easily. But we have to adopt some another ways, as online schooling cannot be the future of education.

-Anjali Sharma

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