Patriarchy is the least noticed yet the most significant structure of social inequality.

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Social inequality refers to uneven distribution of resources.It is often classified in different types.The most popular of them is 'Patriarchy'.In ancient time, people set certain norms which they made compulsory for the subsequent generation too.During that time people had structured way of thinking . According to them, women were eligible for household work only.

Patriarchal system is usually a backbone of different sorts of crimes associated with women.In Indian society men are suppose to be the stronger member of the family hence they are eligible to go outside for making money.Our society has made certain limits and lines for women which they can't cross.Our society is somewhere 'Agathokakological' These days,When women are working shoulder to shoulder with men,The defenestration of this patriarchal thinking is must.

Patriarchy leads to sharing of thoughts and opinions between people but these days people linked patriarchy with feminism and most of the time they connect patriarchy with 'pseudo feminism' or 'fake feminism' which is leading to gender inequality again.Its is not written anywhere that women can do whatever they want.Promotion of fake feminism and supression of any gender is also unlawful activity.We have seen a lot of dowry cases , in most of the cases people burn the girl just for the sake of money.No doubt,This is also a result of patriarchy.Actually,It all started because of patriarchy but this is also true that just because government wants to empower women doesn't mean that they are standing for fake feminism.If a girl is guilty then she should be punished in the same way a boy is punished.

At last but not least,Only a woman could give birth to a child.She is physically,emotionally and mentally so strong that only she can understand the pain of every person living around her. Government should defenestrate this system from the country for the general development of the country.

-Komal Sharma

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