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Politicians granted Bail even after conviction - does it leave a good impact?

Of course this leaves a very bad impact on our society, country and criminal also. Criminals join the politics to ensure that their case would be drop or not proceed even after conviction of crime they can get bail.

It is a very important point on which the politician parities and people should think that how can a criminal politician can make a country because politician is that person who makes law and if he has criminal record how can he make any law to fight against the crime. In our parliament there are more than 1/3rd politician have criminal record. If a person up for election he has to declare all the cases he has through affidavit before the election even though the parties let them to up for election from their party. We should think that a criminal who has involved in serious crime like murder, rape, kidnapping and corruption etc., how can murderer, corrupted or rapist solve these problems. However, these criminal are sitting in our parliament and making law for us.

Firstly, if any person has case against him that case will be continue for more than 20 or 30 year after that long time period the case would be finalized and the crime will be convicted though he can get bail because he is a politician and he has power. A person who has any political support they commit crime without any fear and a victim has to think many times that he should file any complain against the criminal or not and many of the Criminal join the politics.

There is some problem in our system also because according to rules a person who is doing any government job even on post of "group D" and he has attempt any crime than he will be removed from his job and can't get the government job again but a criminal can contest election and he can sit on parliament and make law for us.

According to the survey, the ratio of having criminal record politician is increasingly year to year. In 2009 the ratio was 30% and it's increased by 4% in 2014 election. According to times of India about 44 of the 194 state cabinet ministers from 13 assemblies (where election were conducted in the last two year 2012-14) and 12 out of 45 union ministers (in 2014) having criminal cases pending against them.

There should be Fast Track court where the cases of all political crimes should be handled and any Politician is found with criminal record then he should not be allowed to contest election and the politician should be treated as the other criminal. There should not be any special facilities for them in the prisons. The court should be very strict against that person they should not get bail. And the most important thing is that we should not give the vote to any criminal politician. This is our power and we should use it to fight against these criminals.

Bharti Singh

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