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Politicians granted Bail even after conviction - does it leave a good impact?

Today one of the most controversial and popular issue is politics. In every democracy politics is its important feature by which one can elect his or her decision makers commonly called politicians. But in the modern politics, the role of politicians is introduced just for unfair competitions within them. Taking view over today's condition it is defined that the politicians are involved in malfunctioning of the government and their interest is responsibility being paid by common people. In developing years it is more important to run our government in proper and in well defined manner. Since our country is on path to be listed in developed countries a little improper disturbance can cause uneven affect to this development. This disorder is the responsibility of our leaders which are elected by us. But in modern age all the irresponsible work is done under the provision of the politicians or is done by them. In our daily society to many conviction are recorded which inform and make us aware about the different matters which are related to decrement in the various field for example coal and other are related to the mind set up of these people which enforce them to give uneven speeches related to daily issues that is other thing. In order to make profit for them they are making common people to struggle. Just take an example of the politician who has been engage in a riot or smuggling of a useful material related to the production or natural substance. He will not be inquired if he is the member of the ruling party because since he is voted to power and nobody want to take any uneven problem which can afford him to leave the job. But when the new government is formed the case is again reopened and come into judged if the particular person is find convicted the charge sheet is file against him and the punishment is rewarded according to it. But this is other case most of the times the defense lawyer appointed by accused to represent the case on behalf of the accused , deal's with court judge to prove that the person is not guilty. And hence the person is saved through the fair trial. This type of incidents matters a lot since they are common in our country we can just imagine that how much destruction is caused by them in our country. This all indicates our irresponsibility towards our country. In the world largest democracy there is no permanent rule for such crimes but if there is no rule then why such a number of population cannot protest against it in order to make such law. Our country is on path to be listed in world developing country but such condition can cause damage in this our path towards development. Such type of condition also causes lead great impact on the daily used commodities like coal petroleum etc. One point that we should remember that if we see such incident occurring in our locality we should protest against it otherwise it will result in damage to our society .The most important point is that the rule which afford us to select our representatives also give us right to stop their functioning of these people if we wish to do so but the only thing is that the people are not aware about the right given to them so one of the most important thing is to rise the power of people according to the injustice done towards them by this we can think that India will BE ON THE PATH TOWARDS PROSPERITY AND PROGRESS . …….

CONCLUSION - I my opinion it will not lead a good impact on our society because the leader is responsible for guiding the people in right path and they are not given proper punishment to their respective crime then it will afford people to commit such things and it will result to the destruction of that particular region…...

Vashu Gandharv

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