Quick but steady wins the race

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Essay Contest for UPSC Exam for IAS

Till our last breath we have to face many horrible ‘Ups & Downs’ of life but still people have to handle all affairs of their life with silent mouth. We have heard the age-old story of the hare and slow, steady tortoise. in which tortoise walk slowly & won the race. To match our rhythm in today’s fast world “slow but steady wins the race” not applicable rather “quick but steady wins the race”. A cook who is slow and steady cannot end up serving all the customers. He has to be fast & steady to earn more.

                           We are living in the 21st century which is synonym of the rapid globalization & technology era. The journey of human life begins after leaving mother’s womb. since the toddler stage to the last phase of life one will leave continuously in the race of life + race of the world.

              In the ‘throat cut competition’ youth, women, men all kinds of living beings even trans genders, wandering to achieve their desired goals.to get the success in this fast & tough world it is imperative to increase our speed. Right from the childhood he enters the race of life but finishing point for each race is different at each time. For a young child finishing point will be getting admission into a school, for the teenagers getting into their dream college then good job. This vicious cycle goes on forever.

                  The balance between quickness and consistency has the power to prolong your life happily.to turn virtual dreams into reality one has to increase the pace of his endeavor in life.

                        The technology era replaces all traditional methods with advance equipment, techniques. Along with quick pace, steadiness ensures coherence in the efforts. Success comes with continued inputs. consistence of any work creates stability & self-satisfaction in one’s personal /professional life. after all, in today’s hectic world human being cannot afford to fail. Due to stringent competition nobody can give time to look back or help one who left behind so in order to fulfill dreams or wishes one needs to be quick and steady.

E.g: we saw on the floor of house that small piece of food attracts so many ants. Competition will arise between the ants, if one ant come first then she goes to her house with that piece of food.

         How living being wants to get anything quickly...!

                          However, greater speed can create errors & it can affect quality of life or work. Nowadays many youngsters die at early age because they wanted to get success fast after successful they die & left behind their precious life, position, fame, wealth etc. “many times quick race leads to the last breath. Therefore, one’s need to develop harmony between quick & steadiness to win the race. The great successful personalities are the product of steady effort of their hard work & will power. “if there is no steadiness there is no success”

-Mudra p

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