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Quick but steady wins the race.

There could be so many ways to reach the destination but assessing the situations and taking the decisions needed to be quick enough in order to head towards destination. It can be said that this is the first step to the achieve success. Once a clear picture of steps for success is decided then heading forward steadily plays key role in winning the race.

What exactly GOD expects from a human being?

The answer varies from person to person. As per my view, “improvement in every aspect”. It should not be downfall at any moment in life. So to achieve that every human needs steady thinking. Thinking is the silent war which goes inside the brain between ideas. For the thinking to be look good one has to explore the world every second steadily.

There is even a story (which is usually being taught in childhood) on hare and tortoise which tells us that slow and steady wins the race. Human being should never ever do the work for early or short term benefits. Work today and get the benefits in future.

There are so many examples insisting about this. When we compare it with real life situations that were done, would be pretty interesting and inspiring too. *Preparation for an exam should be everyday activity. It would become a big burden for a student if the preparation is made just before exams. It’s like breaking the big rock or getting the plant to become tree by huge amount of water or building the body at a time in a day, which are impossible tasks to get done.

*Writing UPSC essay contest steadily by ‘thinking out of the box’ for one month gives better result than all.

Best things that were happened in world were performed steadily with huge thinking. If the things are done fast, there would be always side effects which kills the time. Time is very precious in this world which can’t get back once passed away. The value of SECOND is known to the one who missed accident in seconds, the one who misses the train or bus by one minute knows the value of MINUTE and HOUR both, as he/she supposed to wait for next train/bus which could come after hours (let’s say). Like-wise the value of MONTH is known to the person who has to work steadily with determination for getting good wages every month. The student, who wouldn’t be able to write the exam well because of lack of concentration due to a disease, knows the value of YEAR. Everything of human life is inter-linked with the way he/she moves whether it would be steady or quick.

It’s not that every quick move would lead into a failure, sometimes with fortune that quick move can head towards success, and to be more specific I succeeded in cracking IIT exam. MY own life is an example for it (it would take pages to write that, so indeed no need to highlight). Even in planning for a bomb blast a big steady plan is required to get that done. So one can imagine how much importance is to follow steady and planned way to win any RACE.

A change would come in the human when he/she thinks that ‘quick but steady wins the race’ has to become their habit instead a work, that is to be performed for success to be in the hand.


- D. Revanth Chandra

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