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Quick but steady wins the race.

The famous story of ‘Hare and the Tortoise’ was written many years ago, but it still holds ground and will remain effective for good. It shows us how a less talented tortoise (in terms of running) defeats a hare. The jest of the story is that constant endeavor pays. Perseverance and talent are always swords drawn against each other. Talent can give instant success but only perseverance gives long time success and also the power to hold that success. Combination of both is however unmatched. Perseverance makes a perfect person because when someone steadily moves towards target, he/she faces a lot of troubles and failures but he/she never loses heart and fights again as perseverance does not teach quitting, ultimately person ends up not only as a successful person but also a learned, wise person full of experiences and always ready to help others.

‘Bapu’ ‘Father of the nation’ Mahatma Gandhi started a new form of struggle- nonviolence, fasting. All the methods of Gandhiji did not yield fruits at an instant. But Gandhi was adamant, he remained stick to his policies, he faced enormous troubles and pressure from others as well as from his own people, but he kept on moving and in 1947 finally his hard work gave result and we become an independent nation. Nobody dared to fight against salt law. Gandhiji moved with 71 followers towards Dandi and broke salt law. Thousands of people joined him during the journey. Quick results are temporary but earned results are permanent.

Today, in our society women are free to do anything they like. However, that was not the case always. Women did not get their rights overnight. For 100’s of years women fought against ill practices all over the world. Women in America fought for women rights, during French revolution, French women came out of homes demanding equality, Indian women fought for years to end Sati Practice, Widow Remarriage was allowed after long struggle, women were allowed to join any profession of their choice after a long fight. All this led to better conditions of women today. However, discrepancies exist even today but in the long run they too will get subdued. Women empowerment shows us the benefits of steady work.

Take out the success story of any individual; no one ever earned anything without constant endeavor. Those who get quick success couldn’t keep it because they fail to respect it. During colonial rule a lot of Englishmen as well as few Indians became upstarts but they couldn’t keep their fortunes for long. Zamindars lived a lavishing life but after enactment of Constitution, Zamidari was abolished. So, the quick earners end up nowhere. On the contrary, middle class persons who moved step by step ends up giving good education to their children and lived a respectful life.

We have our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi who came from a not so affluent family but he continually kept on moving. His constant, steady actions made him Chief Minister first and then the Prime Minister of largest democratic nation. We have Mr. Anna Hazare who turned the fortunes of his village ‘Ralegaon Siddhi’ upside down and slowly ignited the felling to fight against corruption in everyone’s mind. We have Mr. Amitabh Bachchan who faced many initial failures in his career as an actor but today regarded as one of the best actors. We have Mr. Sachin Tendulkar who took 78 matches to hit his first ODI century but ends up hitting 100 international centuries. We have numerous examples around us which proves that Perseverance, Steady, Constant Work has no alternative.

Today in 21st century everything has become so fast that a quick action is required always. However, the truth is that every quick action is preceded by years of steady work. Thus, at the end of the day, it’s the hard work which pays. Always be like ‘Arjun’, sight set on fish’s eye and steady work to hit the target. After all ‘Slow and steady always wins the race’.

- Twinkle

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