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What sense does freeing Rajiv Gandhi's killers make to the common Indian?

Majority of the common Indian feels betrayed, helpless and sad at the judgment of the Supreme Court commuting the death sentence into life of the Rajiv Gandhi's killers.

It was a shock to the nation when the Tamil Nadu government announced to free all the convicted persons in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case.

It was not only a mockery of the judiciary but also a lowering its status that have faith in it. It puts question mark on the relevance of judicial decision on such sensitive cases.

Further the news of releasing killer of Rajiv Gandhi implies two messages: one, if you are a common man of India, dare not to stop the wrong practices going around you, because even Prime Minister of this country could not sustain it.

Second, all the wrong elements of the society would feel that if the killers of Prime minister could be freed, then they too may do whatever they can, and get away with it. It would thus lift the morale of the wrong doers.

The struggle between a Terrorist group LTTE and the Sri Lankan Government could be interpreted in different ways by the different people in India.

Some politicians view that it was the struggle of Tamils of Sri Lanka to redeem their respect and dignity from the Sinhalas people, the proclaimed natives of that country. Some thinks it was political driven activity. Notwithstanding the fact, the brutality and cold bloodedness with which the assassination of Rajeev Gandhi took place was vehemently condemned unanimously.

The struggle of Tamil refugees proclaiming their rights and respect from Sri Lankan Government could be justified for one or other reasons, but there is no justification for the assassination of Rajeev Gandhi.

Think what could happen if everyone who is sufferer and oppressed, took up arms? There are many other peaceful ways to resolve the issues and surely, terrorism is not one of them.

India never indulges in the internal issues of other countries. But when the situation becomes drastic in the neighboring country and could become a threat to our country's security concerns then it is necessary to put a halt on that situation. That is what Rajiv Gandhi did to control the situation at that time prevailing in Sri Lanka. His action was not liked by the LTTE.

Killing of Rajiv Gandhi, asserts that all initiatives that India took trying to establish peace in Sri Lanka was against the will of the LTTE. It was a warning to all peace loving people and pacifying forces who wished to stop deadly clashes in Sri Lanka that terror alone can be a means to achieve the end.

Commuting the death sentence of Rajiv Gandhi' killers spread dents the image of the judicial system of this country. The talk of freeing the killers by a state government is a mockery about the system of governance in the country.

The common people infers that anyone who is sufferer in one way or other, have the right to kill, whom one finds guilty as per one's own perception.
It sends the message that even if you had taken toll of hundreds, because with passing years, all the crimes and brutalities done so could be nullified by taking advantage of legal system and offering lame excuses of inordinate delays.

Last but not the least, if nothing works, keep harping on the "human rights, on humanitarian grounds all of your wrong doings would be forgiven and forgotten.
This is the sense of the message inferred from the freeing Rajiv Gandhi's killer makes to the common Indian.

Pooja Gupta

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