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With a growing elder population should the retirement age be made 62 years..

World population is steadily gaining its pace. Though the growth of population on the whole may illuminate an uniform graph yet sectional analysis reveals the erratic distribution of population. The major enlightens of sectional analysis is South Asia where the rate of population growth as well as distribution is astronomical. However, the major concern of the sectional analysis is the central and north west Africa where frequent outbreaks of malignant and congenital diseases led to severe dropdown of population growth. The direct link in the growth of population is only the increase in life expectancy rate which is leaching out the mortality rate. Life expectancy rate, according to WHO, is proportional to the use of better technologies, health consciousness, better medicinal facilities and check-ups etc.,. Thus, with the decrease in mortality rate, there are increased chances of extending the survival years of elder people, leading to growing elder population.

Mere growth in elder population does not account for raise in retirement age bar. This is solely because increment has occurred only on the survivability of the elder people but not on the expected physical and mental efficiency rate. It is almost universal truth that with passing years , a human loses touch, it's efficiency degrades. What is left over at the last stage is only the expectations of retirement, looking forward to complete rest. The lust of retirement thrives them on their last years of services. We cannot be that inhuman to increase the bar and make them longing for.

Human always toils to achieve balance in it's life. Till 4-5 years from birth, a human being acquires its strength to gain balance in its physical body. Balance it surely attains overall in its study life so as to compete in the surrounding atmosphere in order to live amongst "the survival of the fittest". After the study life, a human steps forward into a challenging life where they have to cope up with personal and professional matters catering to the needs of each and everyone. The ultimate is the loss of efficiency in every fields be it professional, enthusiasm, family longing. In simple, human wilts, an unknown fear grips them, which increases its longing, its lust for retirement. Human life and river stages is a simile. A river is also vibrant at its younger stage . But, gradually as responsibilities and duties take over, it slows with passage of time. And at its lower stage, when its pace is almost minimum, it still thrives on because it has still work to be finished. The river completes the left over by gaining strength from the lust of retirement. Ultimately when it retires , it gives up everything.

It will be superfluous to increase the retirement age bar as most of humans may break down just like a river ends its journey unexpectedly prior to meeting the sea. A human asks for retirement so as to be free from all its duties and responsibilities and lead peaceful rest days until the deep slumber grips its entire body. This is one of the many aspects of retirement. Another aspect may be of giving time to its family members and work on pending dues and debts towards its family which brewed while glorifying its professional career. Thus it will be inhuman, irrational, and somewhat unconstitutional to increase the retirement age bar. It will not only impact the national interest, harmony and integration but also to an individual's basic freedom and independence to its life. Some may refer to earning of more money as an objective of raising the bar but earning money may gain a driving seat in earlier phases and then ultimately rather wipes out of its basis in later stages when conscience clutches peaceful existence.

Henceforth, raising of the retirement age bar cannot be one of the consequences of the growth of the elder population. Therefore, every one must condemn it unequivocally.


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