Role of Money in Health and happiness

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Health refers to not only state of absence of any disease but also complete health that includes physical ,mental  and social well-being. Happiness is a psychological component of health. There are many factors to improve health and happiness. Among them one of the factor is money. Does this mean that money always improves health? Can happiness be bought with money? No doubt there are invention and discoveries of  advanced medical technology toimprove the health of the society. Most of the advanced treatment techniques are expensive in medical field .Hence for good quality treatment and medical procedures we need money. There are various recent advances to diagnose a disease early and have treatment as soon as possible to cure the illness very fast. we need money for good healthandmaintainance.Wesave money for our future needs and create medical and health insurances for our safetyand precaution.

Money and physical health

Money is required to cure diseases,to buy medicines, for hospitalisation,various extensive lab test and procedures, scanning, treatment. Money has become a necessity in life. Good quality treatment can be received if we have enough money. Physical ailments can be cured to some extent. Disabilitieswhich require rehabilitation services also to some extent depend on financial condition of the person.

Money and psychological health

Financial stability makes a person stronger mentally because he or she is ready to face challenges of life in regard to health and medicine. Money makes us feel secure and mentally stable. Money satisfies our basic needs and requirements in day to day life.

Money and social health

We need money to have social health. We need to live with society and it’s norms. From basic things of living till luxuries in our house need money. No doubt money makes our life comfortable but Is money only the thing that creates happiness and health. The  link between money and social health can be well answered by people who recently joined a job with good salary. The change in the way of speaking, care and respect you get from the society or the people living around you says all about it.There is a famous quote of APJAbdulKalamji .He says once he said to money that “I will never become your slave” .money replied that “I have never seen a dustbin yet in my life”. That is the value of money now-a-days. It has turned into a necessity.


Money is not a key factor for happiness. Happinesscannot be found in the external world. Then what is happiness?. Earning a good salary, having a good satisfied job?or is it having a good relationship? Does that mean that people without a good job and relationships are always unhappy? Then what is the reality. The reality is that happiness is not found in jobs and relationships. It is created by our internal environment. Our body has the power to be happy .Each one of us have an energy within ourselves to be happy and satisfied with what we have. Around 80 percent of our health is gained by psychological component. Remainingpercent accounts for the physical health and social health. Even if a person is physically not well or disabled due to chronic illness, if he is mentally determined and stable he can be happy with what he can do. Are rich people healthy? Are people with less money always unhappy with no health? Money can change a person for sure. Money can change one'sattitude,behaviour and even thinking.

Does money increase/decrease our health and happiness ?

The answer for this question is in our hands. The way we handle and manage things. Money is required to some extent for our  comfort, health care services and all. At the same time more money can create mental fear, uncontrolled behaviour,bad lifestyle and habits making us more unhealthy. A simple example – when you have more money you buy an air conditioner to your room. You sit whole day inside enjoying .After few months you will have low vitamin d and decreased calcium in body leading to various health problems. If you had no air conditioner, You would have gone out in sunlight to get your dose of natural vitamin d which is important for the calcium absorption in our body. We must understand from this example that even if you had an air conditioner, for the health purpose you need a five minutes of sunlight daily to improve your health.We must manage financial condition for health and happiness for sure but must keep in mind that money can even destroy our happiness and health. Money is only a tool that needs to be managed by us.

-Dr.Rashmi Bhat

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