Satyagrah, its relevance today. Analyse.

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Satyagraha – the word that reminds about Indian Independence movement. It
means to “hold on to the truth”. As the world is witnessing wars everywhere
the new ideology started in India by our father of Nation Mahatma Gandhiji.
This single word not only changed the fate our country but many. He became
ideal hero for thousands around the world in general and renowned figures
like Martin Luther King Junior of America, Nelson Mandela of South Africa and
Ninoy Aquino of Philippines in particular. No doubt that this ideology has given
beautiful results beyond expectations.
Today most of the countries in the world are facing both internal and external
crises. For example, Farmer issue in India, Myanmar crises, Terrorism issues
across the world are some of major events we can see today. In such a state of
affairs, can the way shown by Gandhi be relevant? Can his satyagraha ideology
be applied to tackle such kind of problems? Yes, it is possible. But prior to that,
it is necessary to become familiar with the method of their application in
changed situations.
There are different forms of satyagraha. Any of the several forms may be
employed in satyagraha campaign. Those that commonly employed where
passive resistance, civil disobedience and non-cooperation. Non-cooperation
may include strike, boycott and resignation from offices.
Satyagraha is more relevant even today in the following way:
ï‚· Nonviolence method is one of the peaceful ways to avoid conflicts
without loss of social, economic and cultural lives of people.
ï‚· It helps us to show proper way of expressing pain and unwillingness
towards the issue.
ï‚· It is most powerful mode of protest. For example, Jan Lokpal bill in India,
Aung San Suu Kyi movement in Myanmar were turned out to be highly
ï‚· It will inspire new generations about peace and non-violence
ï‚· It helps in development of country where the major goal is peace and
As every coin has two sides in this 21 st century it is also quite difficult to follow
the satyagraha principles due to following reasons.

ï‚· Due to lack of experience many people do not have courage to take up
satyagraha as they fear consequences.
ï‚· Satyagraha takes time to get good result. People does not have patience
to wait for result as they expect immediate result, and it is not possible
in all the situations. For example, in high terrorism countries it is quite
impossible to handle these principles which take ample of time to get
result and many lives would lost during that time.
ï‚· Relevance of satyagraha mostly depends upon interest of an individual.
Most people would not like to leave luxury, power and wealth to follow
such path.
ï‚· Lack of common means among public was one of the major problems
today. So, it lost its importance

“The satyagrahi has infinite patience, abundant faith in others and ample

- Mahatma Gandhi
The above quotes say the satyagrahi must have patience and ample hope, but
we find around ourselves strikes, fasts, dharnas, satyagrahas, picketings,
gheraos, and many more things of the kind, all undertaken to back some
demands. What is worth noticing is that today we have accepted the forms of
the Gandhian methods and thrown to the winds the spirit behind them. Ends
are more important to us than the means. We must change it.
It is very important in today’s world to follow Gandhian Principles
where violence is seen everywhere to inspire our future generations. It is a fact
that non-violent Satyagraha sometimes takes longer time but causes less
damage to people and property and does not leave behind any hatred or ill-
will. Ultimately imbibed with Ahimsa it is the pursuit of Truth and Truth always

-Padma Bandaru

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