Satyagraha it’s relevance today

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Satyagraha what I feel it’s relevance is no-where as Satyagraha needs the mind , body soul pure and the person himself should be truthful to others but it seems to be irrelevant in today’s world because Nowday’s people’s mind have become more corrupted , greediness , money-minded , an lier and rise in violence and terrorism against Hindu- Muslim which is against the fundamental rights . Gandhi believes in peace non-violence in today’s world people are fighting , killing each other riots are taking place Gandhi was a person who believes in following a path of truth and not killing other people . His main motive behind Satyagraha was that person who have sacrificed their life for the freedom struggle and did not want their sacrifice to go waste . And also to tackle with racial discrimination and injustice to the people he was a person who was declared a prophet of ‘Satyagraha’ the ‘peace’ and ‘non-violence’ was main motive of the Satyagraha to win the battle without any kind of doing violence now people have no patience with the handle situation arguing for small things fighting with each other no respect towards elder zero coordination no unity among the people upcoming of this technologies and people are becoming more tech-savvy people are busy in their own life no time for each other for them . Nothing in this world can be sort out peacefully when there is no ‘bursting of crackers’ in the environment . For example I would like to tell it with my experience what I have seen that farmers rally protest in 26 th January police marching and the farmers were shouting while leading a rally in front of our society gate. Ryots turned violent that day riding horses , hitting policemen with swords hoisted a ‘Nishan Sahib’ in Red Fort and disrespecting national flag I feel is that they want respect themselves with the national flag but when it comes about the Red Fort they are disrespecting it which as a citizen of India I feel it is very bad because no citizen/ person has a right to disrespecting national flag of any country and destroying creativity that has been displayed in the parade is very annoying and shameful thing leads to shut down of internet, no water supply and electricity suffered a lot by public living nearby situated the border area . Another thing happen at the time of CAA when protest took place in Shahin Bagh and also at the north - east Delhi side where people were burning the petrol pump , internet shutdown and order of shoot at site by the police students of class 10-12 suffered a lot from that as they were not able to give the examinations . This totally seems that how people are loosing their patience and tolerance level . Increase of terrorism in 2019 at the morning time on 26 th February 3:00 AM when we people were sleeping the defence people doing their duty Balakot Air strike took place in order to destroy the jaish-e mohammed camp see the rise in terrorism whether I also thinks that soldiers should also deserve the highest salary they sacrifice their life so that we can be safe and sleep well in the night they forget about their family , birthday’s , anniversary . But we don’t respect them , we don’t care about their family members they cannot even get the proper compensation to the family members , children education . Last but not the least I would like to conclude that somehow Satyagraha has lost his relevance today so it is our duty to look upon on this and try to lift up it’s relevance as a citizen .

-Ishani Ghosh

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