Ships do not sink because of water around them, ships sink because of water that get into them.

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INTRODUCTION: -Time and tide waits for none. Therefore, it must be the concern of an individual to sail the ship of his life in such a way that, the voyage of his/her life sails in a smooth and in an unhindered way. If the individual concern predicts the direction of the wind as well as the flow of water while he/she is in a voyage then he/she can never get into trouble. Therefore, it is in the light of this fact that we must gauge the various facets of our life and accordingly abound into our own journey of life.

It is rightly said that, man is the creator of his own destiny. Therefore, instead of cursing one’s destiny one must sail the ship of his/her life in a rational way. In simpler terms this will certainly help him/her to lead a contended life. Contended in the sense that his overall needs are fulfilled and he/she has enough scope for his/her personal development. It is only when the personality of an individual is mushroomed that one is led into one’s holistic development.

The holistic development of the body. mind and the soul combine of an individual takes place when he/she interacts with his/her surroundings in an integrated manner. This integration takes place when the personal variants of an individual instead of colliding with the surrounding environment rather, cohabits with it. This cohabitation takes place when the situational factors are akin to him/her. Instead of cursing the situational factors one must learn to acclimatise the situation itself to make one’s life worth living. This is due to the fact, taking the analogy of a ship, we can ponder over the fact that “ship do not get into trouble because of water around them but only, because of water that gets into them”.

Further analysis over the above quoted facts we can say that if the situational factors are like the ship which is in a voyage, then, it is the human mind which is in a voyage then the human mind which, is like the water that surrounds them. The human mind is a multi-faceted and multi-dimensional psychological component of the human body. Like the water surrounding a ship, in the same way, the situational factors, as well as, the body-mind combine has a lot to do in the achievement or failure of the person concerned

CONCLUSION: - If the body of an individual can be compared with a ship then human mind is the radar. As, a ship without a radar is meaningless so does, a human being without a pacified mind is meaningless. In this way, human mind and the human body can act in a cohesive way, if and only if, both are working n a cohesive manner. This cohesive working of the body mind combine will in the long run will be the creator of his/her own destiny. Therefore, it will be wise for an individual to instead of cursing his/her destiny he/she must embound in his/her voyage of life by working in a pacified manner of his body/ mind combine.


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