Ships do not sink because of water around them, ships sink because of water that gets into them.

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A Ship is a medium of travel for all the travellers to reach the destination. It has to be all set to face the challenges, joyful trip ,check the condition of the ship its carrying weight, its construction, how it responds to the unfavourable situation when there is storm or force of wind ,water before the journey begins. Its rightly said that ships do not sink because of water around them , ships sink because of water that gets into them. Life is also same as the journey of ship .The success of journey depends upon many factors which comes in the way when journey is started.

Just like the ship has to overcome all the difficulties to lead to a beautiful journey , similarly it depends upon individual to face it or just surrender to the obstacles and leave the journey. Its likely that during the journey if there is heavy swirling of wind , and rains and water level rises and its found water is getting inside the ship due to holes present in it ,its likely that ship will sink if proper steps are not taken wisely When the obstacles hits it is when we have to use our mental ability, thinking power , set of values we have inbuilt in ourself ,knowledge gained to overcome the hindrances it depends on us whether we surrender or resist .

For e.g if a well mannered person having a set of moral values gets into a company of bad person, its upon the person to keep the values intact or to be fall into the company of those individuals and spoil our life. An individual’s firm determination, moral values ,self decision etc plays a vital role towards success of either personal or professional life. Its human physchology to blame others if we don’t achieve a goal, rather than realizing the flaws and accepting the flaws and trying to improvise it. Attitude towards every aspect determines the person.

To conclude, We must carry our all practically learned knowledge, experiences, wisdom and all moral values, ethics and apply it in our life whenever any obstacles occurs. It solely depends on us whether to allow actions of others to define our life or to design our life as per our own way. Its rightly said that “ Wisdom is Power”.

-Nair Reshma

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