Ships do not sink because of water around them, ships sink because of water that gets into them.

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“Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts”   

By Gautam Budha    

The ship is a medium to travel and to reach its destination by crossing the water, while traveling either you can enjoy it without fear or get scared of sinking in the water.

If by some misfortune the ship sinks in the water then who is responsible for it? Yes, of course, the ship itself, water can not be blamed. If we understand it properly, water is good in its place as well as important to ship because a ship won’t be able to reach its destination without water. A ship with good keel and shell plating never sinks no matter how strong water waves of water are just likewise no matter how hard life is, it cannot break a man unless a man lets him do it.

Life is a combination of happiness, sadness, depression, and struggle, no single man can avoid and run away from these but it depends on a man how does he enjoy and deal with the problems without giving up or just ignore by complaining. We should not expect only happiness in life, we need to understand, it needs water and sunlight both in order to grow good quality of grains similarly in order to have a toe have to go through and problems or struggles or challenges as well joy or happiness. Life is like a ventilation machine, it has ups and downs means there is life otherwise it has no meaningful of life i.e lifeless.

Today, we know so many personalities and who have earned their name as well as fame and one of them, India's late President popularly known as The Missile Man of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Why do we remember him with respect? Yes because he was one of the successful men no doubt he is still and legend never dies. Behind every success there is a story of struggle although he never used the word “struggle” but instead of this he used the word “ opportunity”. It was not that his life was full of flowers without thorns. Poverty was one of them but and it could have been his hindrance but he didn’t let poverty dominate his dreams.

There are two types of man –

One who just pick holes instead of looking for solutions.

Second who just believe problem or challenges as an opportunity and face them dauntlessly.              

A man not only finds good people but bad also, some of them will help to get success in life and some of them can be hindrance, both somewhere help a man to get success. How disruptors can be helpful to get success similarly water help ship to reach the destination?

If someone disrupts in a man's life, A man can either prove them by keeping his work continue or he can give up. Depends on a man but if he faces failures in his life he himself responsible for this, he cannot blame others for these failures.

A wise man never let challenges or difficulties ruin his life like a ship with good keel and shell plating never let the water come inside even after continues efforts by waves of water.

“If you have dream fight for it like let the disruptors do their work but be sure you won’t let them disrupt in your life like a ship”

-Vinita Murmu

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