Should 50% of Indian Police Force consist of women

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Equality means to treat all equally, no matter wheather the person is of which caste, gender, race, etc. Everyone is equal before the law. But somewhere people are facing these types of problems, discrimination, especially in villages where people are not even literate, they are not having the sense that, we all are humans, God made us. In God's eyes we all are equal, then why there is a need to do discrimination? Now, if we talk about women or girls, so they are facing a lot. From the ancient times, when people started doing revolution against Britishers, only men were taking part in revolution. Women were not getting chance to show that, "yes we are with you". To show, they did their own struggle for getting voting rights, etc. So from that day, people started treating women equally, but there are some issues where women are facing discrimination, not directly but indirectly.

Now, if we move further with a more developed thinking, so we can see that nowadays, girls and women are taking part in each and every field. For the last few decades, we can see that women are there in our defence force ( Air force, Army, Navy ) and in many more such arduous fields. If we take a look on the first Indian women IAS Officer - Anna Rajam Malhotra. Most of the Indians know about the first Indian IPS Officer - Kiran Bedi but only few know about Anna Rajam Malhotra. She also faced gender bias, stood her ground and become a first Indian female IAS Officer. At that time, most Indian women didn't try to involved in civil services but she fought against all these gender bias and she won.

If we move towards police, role of the police is to maintain law and order and prevent our society from crimes. Police play a vital role in society but nowadays, people are doing such crimes in which in girls amd women are facing a lot. If a world consist of 100% population, according to 100% population ratio, 50% of population is male and 50% is female. So if we give chance to only men to handle or to protect the whole 100% population in which 50% are women also, so it is not possible. Men can only understand the problems, the needs of men only, not women. Same as similar with the women also. In police force there are women but maximum are constables and only few receive the higher post. There should be equal constables incliding men and women and everyone should get the higher post. We can see that only in few states like Tamil Nadu, Gujrat, Uttrakhand, Maharashtra, etc having more than 10% of women in police force in compare to other states. And while seeing the overall surveys of India, only 7% of police consist of women. Reports from around 30 countries, it was found that women were facing sexual harrassment that's why there is a need to include women in police for preventing other girls and women from such crimes.

Basically the fact is that girls are not that much powerful as compare to men. But yes, they can be helpful in decision making. Now the question arrises that, why only few women are in police? So the answer is only the same that women are not physically strong as compare to men. Sometimes because of this reason only most of the women do not apply for this job. Sometimes it also happens that the family do not allow to take such a risky task. And because of these reasons only we have less number of women in police force. And when women apply for the job they face the kind of weird means strange problems like in some police stations, women are not getting ladies toilets and such kind facilities. After surveys or report it is found that while on duty the women are doing house work or such activities. Yes we are knowing that women are having well developed mind there is doubt in this, but it is also true that they cannot handle such criminals but for taking action against such crimes we need women in police force.

-Vaishali Soni

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