Should money weigh over choice, passion in the choice of career?

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Not always. In the modern society that we are living in, where people do many jobs for living, it's an important aspect to choose whether money or passion. At the same time, we should choose the middle path rather than being at two extremes. Because if someone has a family to look after it’s not a wise choice to choose passion if that passion of his is not paying enough to look after his family. Given that he is the only sole breadwinner for his family. Let’s take a scenario. If a person is a seeker of knowledge and supposes that he is married or has older parents to look after at the same time, this person is more passionate about seeking knowledge than his job. The family will not have anyone to look after if this person devotes himself to seeking knowledge and thereby causing many insecurities. Suppose this scenario is like if that person gets enough money to look after his family from what he likes and what he is passionate about, for example, a software company which pays enough then it is a better choice to take what he loves if this person loves writing software. Because there is no better thing than doing something that we love and getting paid for it. There are two sides to this use case. Suppose this software job is not well paying enough but at the same time this helps the person to learn more about emerging and cutting edge technologies then it is a great thing. If there is no benefit from that company it’s better to leave it. Coming to the issue of money or passion, it is always best to choose a middle path. Because not everyone on this earth is blessed to get their dream job. So the real spirit is making opportunities from what we get. Our living conditions are not something that we always want. At the same time, the real victory lies in turning things in accordance to our favor. We can derive a solution for the first use case we used from this theory, that if a person is so passionate about his urge to seek knowledge then nothing can stop him from it. Even if his life conditions go the opposite way, things will come in his favor if he tries hard enough. Like some wise man said, “If there is a will, there is a way”. Nothing can stop a person from achieving what he is passionate about. Money is also an important factor, but not the only factor. This is a world of exploitation where the employers chose to get the maximum amount of work with the minimum amount of spending. We can see this example in the software industry, where the employers prefer to spend less money on their employee’s salary and well being at the same time wanting the employees to work overtime. It is best for employees to choose money here because no work is free like someone said in the past. Passion is something that always comes along with money, sooner or later. For example, the first use case we used, knowledge-seeking is something that may even lead a person to be bankrupt due to continuous traveling and etc to get the knowledge. But it will always help a person to advance in their career. Like we say “Indeed after every hardship, there is ease”. These use cases always show a path towards a middle path. The effect of being in two extremes is causing too much loses to self like if someone chooses money over passion he will be making only money all the time sacrificing family life and many other personal things and if someone put all his efforts into a passion while not financially being stable he will be investing his own hard-earned money into it by compromising the quality of living until his passion leads him to a successful path and if the passion takes him nowhere, it’s best to choose money over passion always. But normally this seems to be very rare. As most of the passions today are more careerists than before, that may someday lead the person to success and thereby earning him money for living.

          The conclusive argument is that not always money should weigh over passion in the choice of career and it is always best to choose a middle path than being in two extremes, so that will lose nothing in the journey as examples in the use cases pointed out.

-Muhammad Fasal

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