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India is Agrarian Country with around 70% of its people depending directly upon Agriculture.For India Agriculture is demographically the broadest economic sector and plays a significant role in overall economic growth of India, still Farmers suicide is at its high peak in India, increasing in frequency since 1995.

As of 2017, one of Indian farmer commit suicide every 30 minutes due to various reasons like flood, drought, debt etc. In 2014, The National Crime Records Bureau of India reported 5,650 farmer suicides accounting 11.2% of all suicides in India.Evenafter working so hard in their farms, if the farmers of some parts of the country are compelled to commit suicide, it is a serious concern, which should be immediately paid attention to. We all know that India was known as "Golden Bird", there was no lack of food and money in the country and farmers were overall happy, This is the reason why India was known as an agriculture based nation, But the things has changed now, the situation of farmers has become so bad that they are forced to commit suicide.

Although Government is actively running many Farmers welfare schemes recently like 2006 relief package and debt relief schemes,2008 but no considerable impact has been visible, thus for the government to diagnose the root cause of this issuses.it is urgent to take steps without losing time. The Government should take into consideration all the issues which compels the farmers to commit suicide.

The Solution: In India, most of the farmers are poor and they don't have their own land. They cultivate the lands of landlord's and borrow money for the seeds, fertilizers and their other needs, which they are not able to pay on time because of many reasons like natural calamity such as flood and droughts. Most of the time their crops get destroyed by insects and worms and they fail to pay their loans and commits suicide due to economic exploitations.

The Government can implement a range of welfare schemes for the farmers, besides agricultural development plans to prevent the farmers from committing suicide. They can help them by starting crop insurance schemes and providing them farming loans on minimal interest rates. They can also provide them high quality seeds, fertilizers and other agricultural equipment at low cost.

Government should also start a campaign to educate the farmers with new techniques of farming. They can also help by providing land to landless farmers and should insure that their harvest reaches to the market directly and are sold on appropriate price.

The dependency of agriculture on nature should be reduced. Crops get spoiled because of heavy rain and also shortage of rain. Government should take initiatives for effective management of water. prevention of crop failure should be the primary aim of the government. Water management should be done effectively as in India, where in some state there is severe drought at the same time another state has to face worst floods, this type of imbalance can be managed by effective utilization of water resources.

Conclusion: "To make agriculture sustainable, the grower has got to be able to make profit". Going through the popular saying it is totally true for the Indian farmers. If they want to be in the job of agriculture they need to make profit and government should for sure help them in it. Agriculture is the oldest and most sustainable Business for our country and if we need Agriculture to flourish and shine, we will have to support our farmers. They need to be taken away from adversity of their life and need to be empowered.

- Niweditaranjan

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