Technology as the silent factor in international relations.

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Technology binds the word of blind intelligence. In international relations we keep non alignment and aristocracy. We kept democratic principles. But this was insufficient. New ideologies were born. International relations were a word of esteem in MA economics. When technology came trade become speedy. In civil services New option Indian EXIM service. Can be recruited. In short form IEXIMS. 

Technology is the cause and effect of modernism. In modern trade barter trade were replaced with digital transactions. Modern trade was a dream in former world. Former world was a trade barrier in coincidence. Trade fairs are a nightmare earlier. 

The pedagogy of International trade increases with transportation. The curse of underdeveloped economy is eradicated by immigration of doctors and engineers to gulf and USA. Brain drain was announced earlier. For exports sophistication was essential.

International relations were a possibility in modern world. They are adjusted in norms. Indian foreign services needs trained persons in international business. Finance fundamentals were studied as an optional paper in IFS. Startups were a state subject today. Like languages New era subjects are likely innovated and included in the Indian constitution. 

Startups are starting the new era in regionalism and campus entry. Armstrong was a plus two student in arts group. He studied optional rocket science. He is now a rocket engineer. In deed he got civil services and opted  IEXIMS and he is now a part of  international relations. No mechanical engineer by trade gets this business. International relations have the opportunities of becoming world leaderships. A world leader is a world leader. Nothing compares. 

Some eminent leaders get mad due to international relations. 

India was technologically backward earlier. Reforms in international relations are sidelined. The trade barriers were shifted to a theory level. As silent factor it remains the simplicity to cradle innovations.  

To cradle innovations the effective policy is to get into bilateral trade. Foreign nations were happy with international relations today. New forms in trade were introduced. What relations are with China earlier? With Pakistan any relations now? Only war. War and peace Co exist with relations. The end result is silence. Armed peace was a factor in trade and relations. Everything comes under international. We study their future and amazed. 

Where are technology studied under economics and politics or history. The answer is past tragedy of the policy maker. Policy science is the international fraud of the decision maker. 

Relations keep valuable if our foreign affairs minister visits a foreign nation. Many treatises were signed. Many are formulated in situations and protocol. Except the nations gain law and order.

-Abraham johnson anchaniyil

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