The Corona Virus , it`s variants and the way forward

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Coronaviruses are group of related RNA viruses that cause diseases in mammals and birds. They are known to cause illnesses ranging from the common cold to severe respiratory problems. It was identified in Wuhan, China in the year 2019. The world faced so many difficulties in aspects like social, financial, educational, psychological, etc due to this Virus.

Viruses constantly change through mutation. When a virus has one or more new mutations it is called a variant of the original virus. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have identified two variants of the virus and that is Delta (B.1.617.2) in the year 2020 and Omicron (B.1.1.529) in the year 2021 on 26th November. The study tells us that the delta virus affects lung cells and potential reduction in monoclonal antibody response and the omicron virus affects the weak immune system which includes symptoms such as cough, fatigue, congestion and runny nose, respiratory diseases, etc.

Vaccines are the most affordable and successful public health tools to prevent diseases, disability, and death. Not only do they protect a vaccinated individual from developing a potentially deadly disease, but they also lead to protecting an entire community by reducing the spread of infectious agents.

As we know, to make a single vaccine it needs at least a span of 8 years for its testing but the situation was very adverse so scientists and medical specialists need to change their research - methods, they need to understand the structure, genome, life cycle of this type of virus said Dr. Eric Yager from Microbiology department of College of Pharmacy and Health Science in Albany. In this way, various vaccines got tested and developed.

The Government of India has approved covid-19 vaccines developed by Astra- Zeneca and Bharat Biotech named covidshield and Covaxin on 16th January 2021. This is the world’s largest vaccination program covering the entire country.

Haffkine BioPharma manufactured Covaxin Vaccine at Parel Complex of Company. We know that Every coin has its two sides similarly everything has its own pros and cons and hence we need to know about vaccines.


The benefit of vaccination is to improve our weak immune system to avoid the risk of symptoms such as cough and cold, throat infection, fever, etc. It can make us feel free to have contact with our friends. ”Moderna’’ covid

vaccination is best and safe for pregnant women and is approved by the National Institute of Development Authority. The dosage for the vaccine is two doses 4-6weeks apart which can keep away babies safe from coronavirus transmission. It has reduced pollution which helps to receive good oxygen levels in people. The effects after vaccinating are that some people can have redness, swelling on arms, muscle pain, Headache, shortness of breath, low heartbeat rate, blood clots, etc in severe conditions we must consult a doctor.

To sum up the topic, we must maintain social - distancing, wearing surgical or N- 95 masks, using sanitizers, eating homemade and balanced food, stay hydrated, a proper amount of sleep, complete rest after vaccination, doing meditations and basic asanas of yoga to calm our mind and avoid visiting crowdy places, visiting relatives, quarantine oneself if we found any symptoms, attending online colleges lectures, work from home can definitely reduce the risk of this virus and once again we can start freshly in offline mode.

-Sanjyot Dhavale

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