The effect of war in modern days with reference to Ukaraine and Russia.

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In our Indian History I am sure that people are aware of the great war that
took place between the Kauravs and the Pandavas known as
“MAHABHARATA”. As today’s young generation we have various narratives of
this war as told by our great grandparents or by flipping through the pages of
history but when we see the place what we realize through the remnants is
only bloodshed, mixed with thousand tears wetting the soil depicting the pain
of people involved but yes the immense courage shown to wage such a war is
also seen.
This three-letter word “WAR” has always proven to be horrifying whenever it is
encountered on this planet. This is also not new as from prehistoric era till
modern days wars have been taking place whether for survival or to prove
A little above 60 days has passed that we people are continuously glued to our
phones or television or the newspaper only to witness what has been
happening in Ukraine and Russia. The scenario is painful for both the victims
and the viewers to witness such a disastrous sight.
War rarely brings any optimism along with it rather things worsen with each
passing day wherein:

  • Innocent lives are lost.
  • Security is threatened
  • Basic amenities are dismantled
  • With the advent of technology environment is disturbed to a great extent and

Most importantly we wrap up a dark, bleak, unsustainable gift for the
generations to come.
However, wars have also been an appropriate place to depict one’s feeling of
patriotism, unity and most importantly the courage and determination to fight
no matter what happens. Wars also showcase the progress mankind has made
in the forms of ammunition to strengthen the security of parties involved.
However today on witnessing such a scenario it would be wrong to categorize
into just pros and cons of the situation as it might become dicey. With
changing time demand has changed, needs have changed likings have changed
but what has remained is the “WANT TO BE POWERFUL”.

People often fail to realize that this want is so dangerous that it gives nothing
rather than agony. The present scenario that we are witnessing is the apt
example wherein the countries might be fighting for varied reasons which
includes economic, political, social or cultural but who are the ultimate losers ,
the innocent people who have to bid adieu to their abode with their teary eyes
only to see remnants when they return, the wildlife in the forests or zoos who
are left all alone to fight their own battles absolutely clueless or the families of
warriors who might lose their hope in the battlefield their faces filled with
pride for their nation but hearts grieving, or those educational and religious
institutions that were once set up to inculcate values and culture for the
well- being of mankind are only vulnerable to bombings and bullet attacks.
Thus, the entire sight is extremely pathetic.
The result of war is very straight forward and accurate one wins and the other
loses but if we remember Emperor Ashoka’s famous “KALINGA WAR” despite
winning the war it seemed he lost everything as the sight of the blood shed
shook him to such an extent that he became a completely changed person and
started propagating peace and shed aside his lust for power instead tried to
work towards the welfare of his citizens. This example can be helpful in the
present era as well where in nations should understand that war will only
worsen situations and is no solution for any altercations rather, we can choose
the path of diplomacy or soft power to strengthen bond amongst nations, find
solutions to problems that people face and focus on growing together. As in a
globalized world nations can’t grow individually the growth can happen only
with togetherness. So wherever possible wars should be avoided and peaceful
diplomatic solutions should always be entertained.


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