The future of petrol after electric cars. Discuss the geopolitical changes it will result in.

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22 out of 30 polluted cities are in india is it for what india is trying to achieve
right? being a developing country its very important to maintain healthy
environment what might be the reason behind this pollution? Burning fossil
Fuels such as oil coal and greenhouse emissions this is majorly of vehicle
Emissions but in today world many people are depend upon petrol for travelling
So due to this pollution increased so to overcome this recently government
Had introduced electric vehicles at present indian government is gunning for its
Goal of marketing 30% of indian vehicles electric by 2030
And yes this need to be happened according to recent climate risk index 2020
Released by environment think tank india rank worsened from 14th to 5th in
Global vulnerability index if the same continuous we need to face many serious
health issues and our future generation will in a position to purchase pollution
free air so before that situation comes we need to shift to electric vehicles
Our india is large importer of crude oil and petrol from opec countries we know
that indian policy is to shift to electric vehicles such that import decreases and
dependency on oils decreases but there are some countries majorly depend
upon oil exports such as saudi arabia and syria and even war arises in syria due
to that but situation is gonna change so now one or two polar dominant gonna
become multi polar world so even those countries are changing their economic
structure and according to oecd report fossil fuels will be dominating till 2040
But dependency on petrol slightly declines and india is not that good at electric
Waste management so need to improve in it and earlier we used to import
lithium ion battery from china but due to border issues that was stopped and
yes india is going to manufacture those under atma nirbhar bharath being the
Future India let us hope for the best india.


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