The outflow of the students to foreign universities is a drain of money away from India, What should be done?

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From decades Indian students have been migrating to western countries for higher study purposes and various other opportunities. Indian nationals have the second highest number of  students studying abroad after China. There is no doubt that emigration of highly qualified person as well as students to foreign countries  has increased in number, draining money away from India. In link with this topic comes concept of ‘brain drain’ in which Indian professionals go abroad for job purposes. These processes reduce highly skilled workers in India .

   The criteria  of reducing this outflow and avoiding money drain from India lies in the list of reasons for the outflow of students to foreign countries. Each reason gives us a hint that can be used to improve our country.

Psychological concept

Nowadays it has been a trend to study abroad. Students follow their seniors or whom they feel are great. The root cause lies in the false mental perception that studying in foreign countries makes the  student reach a  good position. Students have a thinking that if they study abroad they are a level up than others. This psychological state in students can be one of the reasons why students go abroad.

Counselling concept

Recently emerged various career counselling centers and guides for students are also misleading. Students are being counselled and guided to study abroad.

Loopholes in Indian Universities

There are loopholes and  inadequacy or ambiguity in educational system in India. Less opportunities, poor quality and  poor facilities can be some other reasons for this outflow.

Competition concept

Intense competition to get into India’s most lucrative universities many students are still expected to seek education abroad.

Education and skill development purpose

top education destinations for Indian emigrants are Europe, North America in which the universities re ranked highest to build highly skilled leaders in their fields.


The selection of students based on the merit list only can also be a reason for leaving back skilled students in top universities in India eventually making them opt abroad studies.

What can be done?

There is no short term solution to this problem. There is a need  for working of education system ,government,universities,students and society together.

careful investment of countries  money on universities and research centers to provide proper facilities and opprtunities,creating changes in Indian academic culture, changing the education system according to the student needs, finding solutions to the loopholes in universities, creating awareness programs in society to avoid mental notion that foreign countries provide good education,etc.these steps can slowly help students understand the reality.

The only remedy to this outflow and money drain  is to build up high quality capacity in key disciplines at national level institutions so that number of Indian  students can get excellent training at home country. Improvements in research  institutes and universities are also a key to this solution. Moreover the key to the  strength of the country can be decided by the mental concept of the students towards Indian universities. There lies the biggest solution by removing thee mental mirage towards foreign 3. 

-Dr.Rashmi Bhat

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