The Race for Mars, where will it lead?

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➢ Introduction
➢ Planet Mars
➢ Impact of the race to Mars
➢ Martian race’s effect in India
➢ Conclusion

Introduction: History of Space Era

â–ª Our ancestors had the habit of researching the infinite Universe.
• Before two thousand years, the famous Tamil poet Thirruvalluvar said that earth was round in shape.
• Today most of the ancient structures in this world are constructed in according to the astronomical alignments.
• The Egyptian pyramids were aligned towards the pole star.
• There were several controversies among the ancient humans about origin and the structure of Universe.
• In the seventeenth century, Galileo discovered that the earth was round in shape with the help of his telescope.
• After a few years, it was observed that the earth was actually spherical in shape.
• The launch of Sputnik-1 satellite by Russia brought a new era in the space research.
• Currently, we are planning to shift our home to other planets.
• Several projects and Missions are being undertaken to shift our home to other planets in our solar system.

Planet Mars:

â–ª Mars is fourth planet from the sun.
â–ª It is the second smallest planet in the solar system.
â–ª It is also known as the Red planet.
â–ª The radius of Mars is 2106 miles.
â–ª Like planet Earth, Mars also has atmosphere.
â–ª Length of a day in Mars is just 37 minutes more than the Earth.
â–ª At the equator, the temperature is pretty normal.
â–ª At the poles, the temperature is extremely cold.
â–ª Mars has 96% of Carbon dioxide gas.
â–ª In September 27, 2012, NASA scientists announced that the Curiosity rover had discovered water on the red planet.
â–ª It was a remarkable discovery and it is also a spectacular event in the history of space era.
â–ª At present, we are destructing our natural resources.
â–ª Scientists believe that if we continue destroying our natural resources, we can’t reside in the Earth.
• Therefore, human beings are looking for an alternate planet which has suitable conditions to live.
• Most of the scientists in this world believe Mars is our next

Impact of the race to Mars:

• The main impact is that it leads to privatization of space industry.
• Multinational space companies are planning for manned missions to Mars. This may lead to great development in the space industry, which also results in the depression of other industries.
• The Martian race may also lead to instability in the developing world because Multinational companies spend huge amount of money in the space industry, and thus leading to the decline of other industries.
• It might stimulate an interest in the brains of young guns.
• The race for Mars may also lead to the enmity between the

the most developed countries.

• It could rise another cold war between the countries.
• The cost for manned missions to mars is extremely high. Therefore, when the countries focus on the Martian race, they

forget to take care of their citizens.

• The space race between the United States and Russia could exist again.
• The race for Mars may lead to construction of more rocket bases and an increase in the development of spacecrafts.
• It can make possible to explore the Martian planet.
• Apart from migration between the countries, migration between planets might take place.
• When our ultimate aim is to make our first step on the Martian soil, we may sometimes ignore to preserve our home planet.
• [ Earth is much better than Mars]
• The race for Mars could lead to Space Revolution.

• Multinational space companies like SPACE X may organize space tours.
• Mars is almost 302 million kilometers away from the Earth. If any kind of problem occurs, it would be hard to rescue to the astronauts.

Martian race’s effect in India:

• The race for Mars may stimulate a sense of interest in students mind to study aeronautical and aerospace engineering.
• Students might get motivated and inspired because of these ambitious space missions.
• The Indian government had privatized space industry last year. Therefore, as a result, most of the Indian corporate companies may begin to achieve in space.
• The fund required for space development may increase in the annual budget.
• Suppose, due to the race for mars, if the space industry gets developed a lot, ISRO may introduce new technologies in its upcoming projects.


• This universe is endless. So, it is necessary for us to develop infinite knowledge about space to explore our universe.
• Once upon a time, we were counting the stars in the sky. Now we are researching to go towards these stars and examine them. This is the development of space technology.
• The space industry is developing very fast. I shall assure that one day we will be able to go around the universe within seconds.

• We are physically isolated with the other planets. But mentally our focus is on examining the other planets.
• All the planets in the solar system are our neighbors. We shall be travelling with them until the end of the Universe.
• Earth is not the only planet which supports life. When we research the planets in other galaxies, we may find a few planets which supports life like our earth. In 20th July 1969, we had registered our first step on Moon. But it is all just a part of an iceberg. In the upcoming years, space travel might become really easier. We will be able to travel to other planets not within days, but within seconds.

Human Beings migrated for food in the same planet.
Human Beings migrated for shelter in the same planet.
Now we are going to migrate to other planets in search of conditions suitable for life.

-Vishvesh Roshan

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