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Today we are living in the twenty one century which known as "kalyug". In this emerging modern country in world we should also up date every aspect of life around the society and world. To know anything about the world and what is happening in the world for this media play very important role in this field. Trial by media is a popular phrase in 21st century to describe the impact of television and newspaper coverage on a person's reputation by creating a widespread perception of guilt or innocence before, or after, a verdict in a court of law.

Here we are judging the trial of media is fair or not - Media is strong part of India democracy and fourth (4) pillar democracy republic India country stand as a strong pillar in the constitution of India. What is the trial and why it is mandatory to accept by media. Because we are unable to get any result without any comparison and examine any aspect.

To study any case and explore truth in the front of society is not easy task because it depend reputation of any alive person any department and also connected with society. To find the real truth is mandatory to use it. Media without any intention it provides real truth to public and also helpful to maintain the law and order in the country. To get publicity by media is very easy. But is provide real situation , real secret behind of any crime, scam, drama, conspiracy and other kind of criminal crime and without media trial is not easy to catch it and stop illegal work, if happening somewhere.

Media is fastest growing field and medium to any information easily. We can easily get any information of any field like political related, government relate, film industry related and also get the news of urban and rural area at our home.

Today the Media also connected to government scheme and it promotes the government scheme in worldwide. It so the every policy and every plan government, which is for the welfare of society. If we focus on question of media release news public easily trust on news which published by any media channel and any famous news paper.

The voice of media is very strong unable stop it. Today the range of media available everywhere by the medium television, radio, FM, internet and news paper which running 24X7 hours for the public and various social networking site is working to raise the people and connecting people to each other in the world and also these sites has been made second hand of the media to upload any news instantly in some moment only ( in short time) and good platform to media organization.

To trail is very important aspect of the media organization because it depend real and original truth of any aspect. To find reality of any crime and illegal, any scam etc, and the trail is very important part.

In recently incident the journalist akshay singh found mysterious death in the vyapam scam during trial. It shows that trial is fair because it show reality to the person who are connected with this illegal scam.

Without trial publish any news, such like playing with the feeling and believe of public on media organization, because they have perception, whatever media it showing by any medium like television ,radio, newspaper, internet and social sites, it would be truth real. To show and publish any wrong news and information only playing with the trust of public and society. Media should not publish any news for increase only for TRP to do this is not good.

According to my view trial is fair before to publish any news in the public and society. Media is only able to get any reality and truth by trial. So it is mandatory and fair.

Sanyog Varshney

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